kitchen linen

Original & exclusive traditional luxury kitchen linens.

Kitchen Linen

Few things in life last or perform like the traditional kitchen linens you find at Woods. Not our words, but those of our satisfied customers.

In our now throw away society the art of making things last has wrongly been overlooked. Forget your e-cloths and synthetic this and that, proper cloths made in traditional ways out perform the current crop in almost every department, offering you real value for money. Woods don't do marketing gimmicks, we sell real.

The modern way seems to be to make something appear valuable with fancy packaging, exuberant claims of performance etc. but often underneath all that is are cheaply produced products from the far flung corners of the globe with little or no advantage to you but extra margin to the shop selling them or the factory which makes them.

Replace tired tea towels with our deluxe cotton terry tea towel, instant dryer or roller towels for instance. Clean and polish using our exceptionally soft super polishing cloths, rustic check cotton twill dusters, ultrafine glass cloths, traditional floor cloths and natural linen window scrims. You will also find cotton stockinette dishcloths, professional oven cloths, stylish kitchen coordinates and much more besides.

Whatever you do, please don't be sucked in by cheaper imitations, you know what they say 'You buy cheap and you buy twice'.

On hand are our kitchen linen experts to guide you to the exact linen item to suit your application. Please do pick up the phone and let them help you decide.

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