Best Cleaning Cloths

Clean dishes, surfaces, floors, windows & appliances using our best quality and traditional kitchen cleaning cloths.

Find Cleaning Cloths for All Surfaces

Clean all the surfaces thoroughly with the best cleaning cloths at Woods Fine Linens. If labelled as cleaning cloths, you can expect a luxury linen cloth suite with exceptional durability and strength. Woods Fine Linen has the best range of cotton and linen cleaning cloths for everyday purposes - two highly preferred fabrics for cleaning.

Cleaning Cloths Made with Strong Fabrics

Durability matters more than aesthetics as cleaning cloths remain hidden behind the walls of your cleaning/storeroom. Get cleaning cloths made from two strong fabrics- linen and cotton that can be used to clean different surfaces effortlessly and can be used daily for a long term.

We Have One for All the Purposes

From dishes to glass windows, appliances and floors, Woods Fine Linens holds a comprehensive collection of cleaning cloths to wipe every hidden dust from the corners of the surfaces. Find dishcloths to floor cloths, window scrims and more under one roof.

Why Woods Fine Linens?

For ages, Woods Fine Linens has been delivering linens with no compromise on quality and built. The values of traditional weaving have remained unhampered and could be seen and felt in the cleaning cloths or other linens bought from Woods of Harrogate.  

Visit the store online/offline for more ideas and inspiration on fine cleaning cloths.

Polishing Pack Bundle

Woods Polishing Pack

£31.00 £39.00
Woods Kitchen Essentials Rotation Bundle
Woods Famous 100% Linen DishclothWoods Famous 100% Linen Dishcloth

Woods Famous 100% Linen Dishcloth

£6.00 £7.00
Woods Cotton Twill 'Check Duster'Soft Cotton Twill Check Duster - Red & Blue Check

Woods Cotton Twill 'Check Duster'

£3.00 £4.00
Woods Super Polishing ClothWoods Super Polishing Cloths 6 Pack

Woods Super Polishing Cloth

£4.00 £5.00
Woods Woven Cotton 'Floor Cloth'Woods Woven Cotton 'Floor Cloth'

Woods Woven Cotton 'Floor Cloth'

£3.00 £3.50
Cotton Stockinette Dishcloth 6 Pack

Cotton Stockinette Dishcloth Six Pack

£8.50 £12.00
Woods Linen Window Cleaning ScrimLinen Window Cleaning Scrim

Woods Linen Window Cleaning Scrim

£9.00 £11.00

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