cleaning cloths

Clean dishes, surfaces, floors, windows & appliances using our high-quality, traditional cleaning cloths.

Clean dishes, surfaces, floors, windows and appliances to a professional standard with our fabulous selection of cleaning cloths. We have luxury cloths to suit virtually every home application, all designed and made to exacting standards using the finest raw materials and utilising over a century of experience in the production of kitchen linens.

The style of our traditional cloths has remained largely unchanged since we first started selling them all those years ago, giving them a look that is at once nostalgic, timeless and easy to coordinate. The range includes dishcloths, floor cloths, window scrims and more, and features our famous 100 percent linen dishcloth, which is widely regarded as the best dishcloth that money can buy.

Browse our range of cleaning cloths below and order online for delivery, or visit us in Harrogate, North Yorkshire for a traditional shopping experience with all the trimmings.

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