brinkhaus luxury duvets

Sophisticated sleeping in luxury Brinkhaus duvets filled with eiderdown, silk and hungarian goose down.

Luxury Brinkhaus Duvets

Nothing quite compares to a night of pure opulence asleep and enveloped in luxury Brinkhaus duvets.

Since 1847 Brinkhaus have been combining the best of traditions with the latest innovations to offer bedding which is truly special, all this whilst respecting the environment throughout the manufacturing process.

We are very proud to offer you the choice items from their range including the best eiderdown duvets, silk filled duvets and hungarian goose down duvets in togs from 3 through to 11 to suit every season and popular preference.

Brinkhaus also incorporate excellent anti-allergy properties across their entire range with the use their Medicott chemical-free treatment which inhibits dust mites and prevents spores penetrating the material, thus making these duvets an excellent choice for allergy sufferers.

Our bedding experts are ready to walk you through the pros and cons of bedding choices.  Superior sleep starts here.

Brinkhaus Wild Silk Duvet 3.5tog

Brinkhaus Wild Silk Duvet

From £169 to £329
Brinkhaus Eiderdown Duvet 13.5 tog

Brinkhaus Eiderdown Duvet

From £4,599 to £19,999

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