Table Linen

Extraordinary luxury table linen including napkins, runners and tablecloths.

Discover the Dining Elegance with Woods Fine Linens' Luxury Table Linen Collection

At Woods Fine Linens, our table linen collection is a symphony of exquisite craftsmanship and timeless design. Each piece, from the delicate 'Juliette' Damask Cotton Tablecloth to the stately 'Salisbury' Cotton Tablecloth Collection, is a testament to our commitment to luxury and quality. Our offerings are not mere dining accessories; they are heirlooms in the making, designed to grace your table for generations.  

We stock beautiful jacquard weaves made from pure Irish linen, traditional casual dining tablecloths, decorative table runners and colourful napkins. A great range of sizes and designs to suit most tastes in our luxury table linen section.

A Legacy Woven into Every Thread

Our heritage, steeped in the rich tapestry of English linen production since 1895, is evident in the meticulous attention to detail and the premium materials used in our table linens. The 'Chrysanthemum' Table Linen Collection, crafted from Irish Linen Single Damask, epitomises the pinnacle of fine dining refinement. The 'Portofino' Damask Silver Cotton Napkins and the 'Venezia' Linen Tablecloth are but a few examples of our dedication to bringing unparalleled elegance to your table setting.


The Artistry of the Table

We believe that a table should be dressed as thoughtfully as one dresses oneself. With this philosophy, we present the 'Cabaret' Table Linen Collection and the 'Arriere Pays' Cotton Table Linen Collection, each designed to transform your dining experience into a celebration of sophistication. Our 'Colour Rock' Coated Cotton Placemat and 'Bastide' Olive Cotton Placemat are curated to complement the contemporary home, blending modernity with classic charm.


Whether your table is round, oval, rectangular or square we can advise you on the perfect table linen to suit and fit. We can walk you through the key differences in quality and find a tablecloth, or set of napkins for your budget or if you're feeling really extravagant we can make a bespoke table linen in the perfect shape and size, truly unique.


A Canvas for Culinary Masterpieces

Your cuisine deserves a presentation that matches its artistry. Our table linens provide the perfect canvas, elevating every meal into a culinary event. The 'Origami' Cotton Runner and the 'Fiore Caterina' 100% Linen Table Collection are designed to enhance the visual appeal of your dishes, making every dining occasion a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.


An Invitation to Dining Luxury

We cordially invite you to peruse our collection and select the perfect table linens to reflect your personal style and elevate your dining experience. Do call in with your table measurements either in person or over the phone if you are confused about how to size table linen. Our linen experts are ready to help.

'Juliette' Damask Cotton Tablecloth Collection

From £5.00 to £130.00

'Salisbury' Cotton Tablecloth Collection

From £5.00 to £80.00

Venezia Linen Tablecloth

From £345.00

Duchesse Cotton Table Runner

From £59.00

'Cabaret' Table Linen Collection

From £20.00 to £395.00

Arriere Pays' Cotton Table Linen Collection

From £21.00 to £270.00

'Bastide' Olive Cotton Placemat

From £16.50

Origami' Cotton Placemat

From £21.00

Origami Cotton Runner

From £70.00

Fiore Caterina' 100% Linen Table Collection

From £28.00 to £95.00

Camelia' 100% Linen Table Collection

From £28.00 to £95.00

'Beatrice' 100% Linen Grey/Ivory Table Collection

From £28.00 to £95.00

'Croisere Sur Le Nil' Linen Table Linen Collection

From £25.00 to £95.00

'Hacienda' Cotton Table Linen Collection

From £21.00 to £70.00

'Voyage Iconique' Cotton Table Collection

From £21.00 to £315.00

Bosphore Cotton Table Linen Collection

From £25.00 to £370.00

Loft Tablecloth

From £110.00 to £145.00

'Salisbury' Red Cotton Tablecloth Collection

From £5.00 to £80.00

'Purple Poppies' Linen Tablecloth

From £135.00

'Ferns' Linen Tablecloth

From £135.00
'Escapade Tropicale' Table Linen Collection'Escapade Tropicale' Table Linen Collection

'Escapade Tropicale' Table Linen Collection

From £25.00 to £420.00

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