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Woods Famous 100% Linen Dishcloth

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World famous and exclusively made for and only available at Woods for over 100 years. 

Woods Famous 100% linen dishcloth is widely regarded as the best that money can buy. It's strong and durable, leaves no fluff, marks or residue, it doesn't retain grease or smells, and it lasts for over four months on average, keeping its' shape and colour even with tough wear and tear and frequent machine washing.

Its' traditional design makes it a stylish addition to any kitchen.

This dishcloth is regarded as probably the best dishcloth money can buy and is sold the world over.

We take as much pride in these exceptional dishcloths as we do in our very finest bedroom and bathroom linens, which is probably why they can be found in some of the most prestigious homes all over the world, including the Royal Household.

Woods Famous 100% linen dishcloths have remained one of our best selling items for many, many years and we are proud to say that they are every bit as reliable today as when William Woods senior first sold them over 100 years ago.

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