Bathing, Showering & Skincare

Pamper yourself with our luxury shower and bath gels, foams, oils and related bathing accessories.

Elevate Your Bath & Shower Ritual with Woods Fine Linens

Imagine stepping out of a soothing soak or invigorating shower, enveloped in the warm embrace of a supremely soft towel. At Woods Fine Linens, we believe this daily routine shouldn't be just functional, but a luxurious moment of self-care. Explore our bath and shower essentials collection designed to transform your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary.

Indulge in Sensory Delights

Our expert buyers have handpicked a selection of pampering bath and shower products to tantalise your senses. Immerse yourself in the rich lather of our luxurious shower gels, infused with captivating fragrances and nourishing botanical extracts. For an extra touch of indulgence, explore our range of aromatic bath oils that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and delicately scented.

Aromatic Bliss for Every Mood

We understand that every mood calls for a different experience.  Perhaps you crave a refreshing citrus scent to kick start your day, or a calming lavender aroma to unwind after a long week.  Our bath and shower collection offers a delightful array of fragrances to suit your desires. Discover uplifting grapefruit and rosemary, or embrace the tranquillity of soothing chamomile and ylang-ylang.

Beyond the Essentials

Transform your bathing experience further with our collection of luxurious accessories. Buff away the stresses of the day with our exfoliating bath gloves, or create a cloud-like cushion underfoot with our deep-pile bath mats.  For a touch of everyday pampering, explore our range of exquisite hand-crafted nail brushes and invigorating body lotions that will leave your skin feeling irresistibly soft and supple.

Experience the Difference at Woods Fine Linens

We are confident that our meticulously chosen bath and shower products will elevate your daily routine. Browse our collection online or visit our store in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, and allow yourself to be enveloped in the luxurious world of Woods Fine Linens. In our store, you can experience the exquisite aromas of our bath and shower products firsthand before selecting your perfect indulgence.

Ready to cultivate a moment of pure bliss in your bathroom? Explore our Bath & Shower collection today.

'Ortigia' Eau De Parfum Collection'Ortigia' Eau De Parfum Collection

'Ortigia' Eau De Parfum Collection

From £55.00

'Sardine' Hand Cream

From £18.00

'Tile' Hand Cream Collection

From £18.00

'Tile' Foaming Soap Collection

From £12.00

Baobab 'Shower Gel' Collection

From £55.00

D R Harris 'Almond Oil' Soap (Set of 3)

From £27.00 to £38.00

D R Harris 'Almond Oil' Soap Bar

From £9.50 to £19.50

'Tile' Soap Bar Collection

From £14.00

On The Road Travel Kit 2.0

From £45.00

Bath Soap Bar

From £12.00

Ortigia Roma Soap

From £25.00

Beech Wood 'Bath Brush'

From £12.00

Curved Handle Bath Brush

From £24.00

Ortigia Florio Soap On A Plate

From £26.00

'Pear Wood' Nail Brush

From £10.00 to £20.00

Blackbird & Bramble Cosmetic Bag

From £22.00 to £29.00

Cactus & Bird Cosmetic Bag

From £22.00 to £29.00

Rabbit & Cabbage Cosmetic Bag

From £22.00 to £29.00

'Ortigia' Soap Set Collection (40g x4)

From £32.00 to £36.00

Oak Natural Bath and Body Brush

From £28.00

Woods Famous 'Bath Glove'

From £16.00

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