Ortigia 'Florio' Bath & Shower Gel 250ml


This Florio Bath & Shower Gel by Ortigia is authentically produced by the excellent small Italian soap and scent company where natural based ingredients, colours, and scents of Italy are at the heart of their brand.

The delicate bouquet of Sicilian spring flowers in a pure liquid glycerine body wash. Translucent and jewel-toned, the gel foams in the bath and lathers in the shower for every-day indulgence.

Florio - Sicilian spring wild flowers. A soft & delicate combination of narcissus, wild iris and jasmine.

Reflected in their luxurious range of soaps, scents, creams, candles and lotions, you can find the beautiful lasting fragrance reminiscent of the colours and scents of Sicily.

With perfume distilled from the flowers of Sicily, and the base of all products being natural perfume and natural ingredients, these toiletries are a high quality, delightfully smelling addition to any home.

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Additional information

  • Brand : Ortigia
  • Size : 250ml
  • Type : Bath & Shower Gel
  • Origin : Italy
  • Fragrance : Florio - A soft & delicate combination of narcissus, wild iris and jasmine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Harriet T.
Shower gel - turquoise bottle

Not as good a scent as I previously had

Sue B.
Bath&Shower Gel

Very pleased with the prompt service & the way it was beautifully presented.
As it’s a present for someone I can’t comment as it hasn’t been yet opened.

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