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Impress your guests with soft, absorbent & beautiful luxury guest towels.

Luxury and finest quality guest towels

We stock luxury guest towels in our selection that are superior in softness and highly absorbent. Our guest towel collection features top brands such as Frette, Pratesi, and Woods Fine Linens

What Design and Materials Are Available for Guest Towels?

We have a wide range of curated collections of premium guest towels sourced from renowned regions such as France, Italy, Portugal, and Turkey. Our splendid range features crafted towels in a variety of designs, including geometric patterns, floral motifs, and classy border embellishments.

Offer the luxury experience to your guests with our guest bath towels and hand towels, made from the finest materials. Let your guest feel the luxurious touch of combed terry cotton, the exceptional quality of Giza 95 Long-Staple Egyptian Cotton, the softness of American cotton, and the timeless allure of Egyptian cotton and linen fabric.

Which GSM fabric is good for towels?

For towels, a GSM (grams per square metre) range of 400 to 700 is typically considered suitable for achieving a balance between absorbency, durability, and a luxurious feel.

Our guest towels are 550 gsm to 800 gsm to meet your needs of softness, durability, and quick drying and will last long. Towels are available in different vibrant colours such as black, white, ice blue, conifer and many more.

Browse our full range of guest towels and coordinate your towel collection with accompanying sizes. Buy online for delivery, or visit our shop in Harrogate, North Yorkshire to view our full range of beautiful bath linens.

'Tre Righe' Towel Collection by Pratesi'Tre Righe' Towel Collection by Pratesi

'Tre Righe' Towel Collection by Pratesi

From £100.00 to £356.00
'Treccia' Towel Collection by Pratesi'Treccia' Towel Collection by Pratesi

'Treccia' Towel Collection by Pratesi

From £114.00 to £413.00
Imperial Luxury Cotton Towel CollectionImperial Luxury Cotton Towel Collection
'Duetto' Cotton Towel Collection'Duetto' Cotton Towel Collection

'Duetto' Cotton Towel Collection

£10.00 £12.00
'Bath Club' Cotton Towel Collection'Bath Club' Cotton Towel Collection

'Bath Club' Cotton Towel Collection

£10.00 £12.00
'Zoe' Fringed Guest Towel Collection'Zoe' Fringed Guest Towel Collection

'Zoe' Fringed Guest Towel Collection

£5.00 £6.00
'Heaven' Cotton Bath Towel Collection'Heaven' Cotton Bath Towel Collection
Petalo' Cotton Towel Collection'Petalo' Cotton BathPetalo Bathe Towels  - Embossed white oval pattern on a light grey background with a white edge.

Petalo' Cotton Towel Collection

£14.00 £17.00
'Alhambra' Egyptian Cotton Towel Collection'Alhambra' Egyptian Cotton Towel - White Towels with a Gold Dashed Border
'Arcadia' Egyptian Cotton Towel Collection'Arcadia' Egyptian Cotton Towel - White Towel with Gold/Beige square Chain Design Border
Lula 100% Linen Honeycomb Towel CollectionLula 100% Linen Honeycomb Towel Collection
Cotton Waffle Luxury Towel Collection WhiteCotton Waffle Luxury Towel Collection Cashmere

Cotton Waffle Luxury Towel Collection

£10.00 £12.00

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