Trays & Table Accessories

Elevate your dining experience with our carefully curated range of functional and stylish products.

Elevate Your Dining Experience with Exquisite Trays and Table Accessories

Welcome to our curated collection of Trays & Table Accessories, where functionality meets elegance. At Woods Fine Linens, we believe that every meal deserves to be served with grace and style. Explore our carefully selected range of products designed to enhance your dining space.

Charming Designs, Practical Functionality

‘Winter Birds’ Square Birchwood Tray

Imagine sipping your morning tea from our square birchwood tray adorned with delicate winter bird motifs. Perfect for cosy moments, this square tray adds a touch of seasonal charm to your table. Ideal for serving afternoon tea or displaying delicate treats.

‘Night Owls’ Small Birchwood Tray

The whimsical night owl illustrations on this small tray evoke a sense of enchantment. Perfect for serving breakfast in bed or organising essentials on your bedside table.

Sophie Allport ‘Festive Forest’ Printed Tray

 Capture the festive spirit with this printed tray featuring a forest-inspired design. It’s a delightful addition to your festive gatherings.

‘Ruby Birds’ Birchwood Tray Collection

These ruby-hued trays come in various sizes. Mix and match for a coordinated look, whether you’re serving canapés or arranging trinkets. Use them to serve canapés during soirées or as elegant catch-all trays.

‘Naive Rose’ Small Narrow Birchwood Tray

The narrow birchwood tray with delicate rose patterns is an understated beauty. The delicate rose pattern on this narrow tray exudes sophistication. Perfect for presenting delicate desserts or arranging condiments.

‘Ferns’ Narrow Birchwood Tray

Inspired by nature, this narrow tray features intricate fern motifs. Use it to serve herbal teas or display fragrant potpourri.

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Alice in Wonderland Trays: Step into the whimsical world of Lewis Carroll with our Alice in Wonderland-inspired trays. Each design tells a story, making them delightful conversation starters.

Luxurious Lacquer: Elevate your hosting game with the opulent ‘Mountain High’ Lacquer Tray. Its glossy finish and sleek lines make it a statement piece for any occasion.

Golden Glamour: The ‘Hummingbird’ Gold Tray exudes elegance. Whether you’re serving cocktails or displaying treasured trinkets, this gold-accented tray adds a touch of glamour.

Visit our Trays & Table Accessories collection to explore these exquisite pieces. Elevate your dining experience with Woods Fine Linens.
Ortigia 'Tazza' Ceramic Mug CollectionOrtigia 'Tazza' Ceramic Mug Collection
'Sea' Glassware Collection'Sea' Glassware Collection

'Sea' Glassware Collection

From £10.00 to £30.00
'Coral' Cutlery Set Collection'Coral' Cutlery Set Collection

'Coral' Cutlery Set Collection

From £90.00
Cream 'Rattan' Tray CollectionCream 'Rattan' Tray Collection

Cream 'Rattan' Tray Collection

From £50.00 to £125.00
Natural 'Rattan' Tray CollectionNatural 'Rattan' Tray Collection

Natural 'Rattan' Tray Collection

From £92.00 to £134.00
'Animal Design' Ceramic Pitcher Collection'Animal Design' Ceramic Pitcher Collection

'Animal Design' Ceramic Pitcher Collection

From £78.00 to £163.00

'Ferns' Narrow Birchwood Tray

From £30.00

'Ruby Birds' Birchwood Tray Collection

From £28.00 to £35.00
'Tortoiseshell' Lacquer Tray Collection'Tortoiseshell' Lacquer Tray Collection

'Tortoiseshell' Lacquer Tray Collection

From £120.00 to £165.00

'Foxglove' Lacquer Tray

From £120.00 to £205.00

'Palm Fronds' Lacquer Tray

From £120.00 to £165.00

Sophie Allport 'Home Grown' Printed Tray

From £22.50 to £36.00

Ortigia 'Jungle' Round Tray

From £75.00
'Leopard Print' Glass Beaded Placemat
'Palm Tree' Glass Beaded Placemat

'Palm Tree' Glass Beaded Placemat

From £36.00
'Pineapple' Glass Beaded Placemat

'Pineapple' Glass Beaded Placemat

From £36.00

Underlay Garnet' Hobnail Jug

From £192.00

'Grand Palms' Black Lacquer Tray

From £120.00 to £145.00

'Hummingbird' Gold Tray

From £120.00 to £165.00

Audubon Square Tray Collection

From £165.00

Trudon 'Dutch' Candle Holder

From £60.00

Ortigia 'Mosaic' Tray Collection

From £48.00 to £50.00

'Bunny' Round Birchwood Tray

From £32.00

'Cats' Large Rectangular Tray

From £34.00

Birds in Dunes' Square Tray

From £35.00

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