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A superb selection of our very best napkins and napkin rings.

The Quintessential Accoutrements: Napkins & Napkin Rings at Woods Fine Linens

Bring flair and finesse to your table settings with our superb selection of luxury napkins and napkin rings. Whether you’re looking for colour and vibrancy or classic elegance, you are certain to find the napkins to suit within our exquisite collections.

At Woods Fine Linens, we present to you an exquisite selection of napkins and napkin rings, each a paragon of elegance and craftsmanship. Our collection is a tribute to the art of table dressing, where every meal becomes a celebration of taste and refinement.

Elegance Woven into Every Fibre

Our napkins, crafted from the purest linen and the softest cotton, are not just pieces of fabric but woven canvases of sophistication. From the classic charm of the 'Cornice' 100% Linen Napkins to the contemporary allure of the 'Hacienda' Cotton Table Linen Collection, our range caters to the discerning eye. Each napkin is a whisper of luxury, ready to grace your tables with poise and dignity.

Rings of Distinction

Complementing our napkins are the napkin rings, the crowning jewels of dining etiquette and style. The 'Sketch' Pewter Napkin Ring offers a touch of artisanal beauty, while the 'Carolle' and 'Bliss' Red Napkin Rings add a splash of colour and festivity to your setting. These small yet significant accessories are the finishing touches that can elevate a simple meal to an occasion of grandeur.

Special Offers to Adorn Your Table

Embrace the opportunity to own a piece of the Woods legacy with our special offers. The 'Bahia Jungle' Cotton Napkin, brings a vibrant energy to your table, while the decorative jewelled festive napkin rings, sparkle with the joy of celebration.

A Tradition of Excellence

At Woods Fine Linens, our heritage is interwoven with the history of English linen production. Since 1895, we have been curators of quality, selecting only the finest materials and designs for our collections. 

Our napkins and napkin rings are more than table accessories; they are a testament to our commitment to excellence and the embodiment of the Woods tradition.

All our luxury napkins are made to exacting standards using the finest fabrics for lasting quality and beauty. With matching tablecloths available for many items, we have all the table linens you need to capture the essence of fine dining at home.

Select your preferred napkins from the collections below or come to our shop in Harrogate, North Yorkshire to view our full range of luxury napkins, tablecloths and other fine linens for the home.

Invitation to Explore

We invite you to peruse our Napkins & Napkin Rings collection and discover the perfect pieces to complement your tableware. Visit our website page and let us help you set the stage for a dining experience that is nothing short of extraordinary.

'Escapade Tropicale' Table Linen Collection'Escapade Tropicale' Table Linen Collection

'Escapade Tropicale' Table Linen Collection

From £25.00 to £420.00

Cornice' 100% Linen Napkins

From £24.00

'Loft' Napkin

From £12.00

'Hacienda' Cotton Table Linen Collection

From £21.00 to £70.00

'Croisere Sur Le Nil' Linen Table Linen Collection

From £25.00 to £95.00

'Beatrice' 100% Linen Grey/Ivory Table Collection

From £28.00 to £95.00

Sketch' Pewter Napkin Ring

From £4.00

Galloway' Napkin Ring

From £5.00

'Salisbury' Cotton Tablecloth Collection

From £5.00 to £80.00

'Juliette' Damask Cotton Tablecloth Collection

From £5.00 to £130.00

Arriere Pays' Cotton Table Linen Collection

From £21.00 to £270.00

'Cabaret' Table Linen Collection

From £20.00 to £395.00

Camelia' 100% Linen Table Collection

From £28.00 to £95.00

Fiore Caterina' 100% Linen Table Collection

From £28.00 to £95.00

'Voyage Iconique' Cotton Table Collection

From £21.00 to £315.00

Bosphore Cotton Table Linen Collection

From £25.00 to £370.00

'Carolle' Napkin Ring

From £5.00

'Bliss' Red Napkin Ring

From £5.00

'Salisbury' Red Cotton Tablecloth Collection

From £5.00 to £80.00
'Orchid' Napkin Ring Collection'Orchid' Napkin Ring Collection

'Orchid' Napkin Ring Collection

From £14.00

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