egyptian cotton bed linen

Discover the luxury of pure Nile delta Egyptian cotton bedding.

Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Discover a comprehensive range of genuine Egyptian cotton bedding some of which are exclusive to Woods Fine Linens.

Egyptian cotton has become known as a benchmark when choosing bedding of a certain perceived quality.

In some ways this is correct, but not in the way you might think. Softness and lightness of touch are synonymous with the term but what does it really tell you about the quality?

The popular misconception is that the product you are buying has come from Egypt. This often lulls customers into a false sense of it's quality. In truth a great many bed linens are sold as "Egyptian cotton", that's because almost half of all bed linen material is made from the Egyptian cotton plant and seed of the Nile delta region, no matter where it is actually finally grown or manufactured.

Like most goods you purchase it's really all about the quality of the Egyptian cotton, its' manufacture and finishing.

When shopping at Woods Fine Linens, we want you to be informed, know exactly what you are buying and why it performs better than something else. We only sell good quality, thoroughly researched Egyptian cotton products and we take the time to understand their provenance for you.  This attention to detail is what separates us from the misinformation on the high street, Woods product integrity.

Here we gather a great many bed linens, all with unique quality characterisitics which fall under the term "Egyptian Cotton Bedding", as you'd expect, all will be soft and smooth and feel superb to the touch, but you may also notice from their origin that they don't all come from Egypt. But rest assured that they are all grown from an Egyptian cotton seed.

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