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Our collection of luxury hand towels include an array of super pile, linen pile and waffle fabrics.

Elevate Your Bath Experience with Luxury Hand Towels

When it comes to indulging in life’s little luxuries, nothing quite compares to wrapping yourself in the soft embrace of a fine linen hand towel. At Woods Fine Linens, we understand that even the smallest details matter, and our luxury hand towel collection reflects this.

From the moment you touch our towels, you’ll sense the craftsmanship, the attention to detail, and the absolute care that defines our brand.

The Artistry of Materials

Our hand towels are more than mere functional accessories; they are works of art. Crafted from carefully selected materials sourced from around the globe, each towel tells a story of quality, comfort, and elegance. Let’s explore the fabric tapestry that graces our collection:

    • Egyptian Cotton: The unrivalled softness of Egyptian cotton needs no introduction. Our hand towels, woven from the finest Giza 95 long-staple Egyptian cotton, caress your skin like a gentle breeze. The fibres, meticulously combed and spun, create a plushness that elevates your daily rituals.

    • Linen: For those who appreciate a rustic yet refined touch, our 100% linen hand towels are a revelation. Linen’s natural texture and absorbency make it ideal for both pampering and practicality. Imagine drying your hands with a piece of history—the flaxen threads whispering tales of European craftsmanship.

    • Turkish Cotton: The Anatolian legacy lives on in our Turkish cotton towels. These sumptuous creations blend tradition with modern sensibilities. Their absorbency, durability, and velvety feel make them a staple in discerning households.

How Does GSM (Grams Per Square Metre) or Weight Matters

The weight of a towel determines its absorbency and durability. Our hand towels come in various grams per square meter (gsm):

  • 550gsm: Lightweight and quick-drying, perfect for everyday use.
  • 650gsm: A balance of softness and substance.
  • 700gsm: Luxurious thickness for a spa-like experience.
  • 800gsm: The pinnacle of opulence, akin to wrapping yourself in a cloud.

Your Invitation to Opulence

As you explore our hand towel collection, consider the tactile pleasure of drying your hands with a piece of art. Each thread, each weave, whispers sophistication. 

And don’t forget—the right hand towel can transform your bathroom into a sanctuary. Visit our website, discover more, and let the opulence of Woods Fine Linens embrace you.
'Tre Righe' Towel Collection by Pratesi'Tre Righe' Towel Collection by Pratesi

'Tre Righe' Towel Collection by Pratesi

From £100.00 to £356.00
'Treccia' Towel Collection by Pratesi'Treccia' Towel Collection by Pratesi

'Treccia' Towel Collection by Pratesi

From £114.00 to £413.00
Imperial Luxury Cotton Towel CollectionImperial Luxury Cotton Towel Collection
Petalo' Cotton Towel Collection'Petalo' Cotton BathPetalo Bathe Towels  - Embossed white oval pattern on a light grey background with a white edge.

Petalo' Cotton Towel Collection

£14.00 £17.00
'Alhambra' Egyptian Cotton Towel Collection'Alhambra' Egyptian Cotton Towel - White Towels with a Gold Dashed Border
'Heaven' Cotton Bath Towel Collection'Heaven' Cotton Bath Towel Collection
'Arcadia' Egyptian Cotton Towel Collection'Arcadia' Egyptian Cotton Towel - White Towel with Gold/Beige square Chain Design Border
Lula 100% Linen Honeycomb Towel CollectionLula 100% Linen Honeycomb Towel Collection
'Bath Club' Cotton Towel Collection'Bath Club' Cotton Towel Collection

'Bath Club' Cotton Towel Collection

£10.00 £12.00
'Duetto' Cotton Towel Collection'Duetto' Cotton Towel Collection

'Duetto' Cotton Towel Collection

£10.00 £12.00

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