Scented & Decorative Candles

Nothing says 'home' quite like the warming glow and fragrance from a luxury scented candle.

Scented & Decorative Candles

Create a warm glow in your home and warm your senses with our magnificent selection of scented candles.

Whether you’re looking to spoil yourself or a special someone, our luxury scented candles are guaranteed to impress. Made from the finest blends of natural and traditional-based ingredients, they’ll leave your home smelling divine without that sickly sweetness that you get from many inferior brands.

We have scented candles from Harrogate-based natural home fragrance aficionados Neom; beautiful, additive-free square candles from Sicilian perfumiers Ortigia; and votives from Cire Trudon, the world’s oldest and most prestigious candle manufacturer, founded in 1643.

Choose your luxury candle from the selection below or visit our shop in Harrogate to browse our full range of indulgent candles and fragrances for the home.

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