Dry dishes quickly & effectively & polish glassware to a high sheen with our range of luxury tea towels and glass cloths.

Luxury Tea Towels and Glass Cloths in the UK

Tea towels and glass cloths are part of everyday essentials that can add colour to the kitchen and minimize washing and drying efforts. Monochrome hues and printed tea towels enhance your kitchen interior. Glass cloths will clean glassware to perfection. If you have a large household, you should get a multipack of tea towels and glass cloths.

Dry dishes quickly and effectively and polish glassware to a high sheen with our range of luxury tea towels. All our tea towels are developed locally and made using the finest raw materials for optimal quality, value and performance. They’re absorbent, hardwearing and attractive to look at, meeting all the essential criteria of an excellent tea towel.

Best Tea Towels Available in Cotton and Linen at Woods

Woods Fine Linens has stacks of tea towels in the fabric of terry, cotton and linen to give the best experience of kitchen cleanliness. You can find the best kitchen tea towels and glass cloths in different colour options. Woods is the one-stop shop where you can find printed, coloured and white tea towels at a competitive price. Shop for hand-picked Irish linen tea towels today.

Shop Coloured Tea Towels in Cotton and Linen

You can explore and buy plain colour tea towels that will look excellent in your kitchen. You can also gift these tea towels available in cotton, linen and terry fabric. We have the best printed Irish tea towels; you can buy them individually or in a multipack.

Explore the best tea towels in the following colours: black, white, blue, grey, pink, orange, yellow, red, etc.

Best Glass Cloths for Cleaning Glass wares Perfectly

Glass cloths have a certain place in the kitchen to make the kitchen look better and shiny. All kitchen glass cloths we have are made of linen and very good for glassware cleaning. Shop the best glass cleaning cloths at Woods Fine Linens, England's Finest Linens Since 1895.

Why Woods Fine Linens for Tea Towels and Glass Cloths?

Our luxury tea towels feature traditional design elements for a timeless style that will look the part in any kitchen. Choose checked terry cotton tea towels in a choice of nine easy-to-coordinate colours or opt for our Instant Dryer 100% linen tea towels, which coordinate perfectly with our Irish linen glass cloths.

To celebrate our heritage, we also have exclusive 100% linen Harrogate tea towels, which are still made using an original design produced by G.A. Woods in 1952.

Browse our range of quality tea towels below and order yours online for delivery or visit our shop for more kitchen linen ideas and inspiration.

Woods Irish Linen 'Instant Dryer' - Blue Stripe

From £25.00 to £150.00

Woods Irish Linen Kitchen Cloth - Black Stripe

From £25.00 to £150.00

Woods 'Fine Irish Linen' Glass Cloth

From £28.00 to £168.00

Terry Cotton Kitchen Tea Towel

From £7.00 to £42.00
Sophie Allport 'Bees' Linen Tea Towel

Equateur Cotton Tea Towel

From £20.00

Miel De Fleurs Cotton Tea Towel

From £20.00

Legumes' Cotton Tea Towel

From £20.00

Soleil Au Jardin' Cotton Tea Towel

From £20.00

Macarons Cotton Tea Towel

From £20.00

Veggies Tea Towel

From £21.00

Veggies Mauve Tea Towel

From £21.00

Crystal Linen Tea Towel

From £17.00

Safari Cotton Tea Towel

From £16.50

Bric Brac Rosso Linen Tea Towel

From £17.00

Limoges Nero Linen Tea Towel

From £17.00

Limoges Blu Linen Tea Towel

From £17.00

Bric Brac Verde Linen Tea Towel

From £17.00

Murano Glasses Linen Tea Towel

From £17.00

Pub Beer (Birra) Linen Tea Towel

From £17.00

Camelia' 100% Linen Table Collection

From £28.00 to £95.00

Fiore Caterina' 100% Linen Table Collection

From £28.00 to £95.00
Polishing Pack Bundle

Woods Polishing Pack

£31.00 £39.00

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