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Luxury Blankets - Envelop yourself in both comfort and warmth.

Luxury Bed Throws and Blankets in the UK

Finding the perfect balance between warmth and comfort doesn’t have to be challenging. In such cases, an additional blanket might simply help you and your guests sleep in comfortably. From luxury quilted throws to high-quality bed blankets, at Woods Fine Linens you will find a solution to finish your bedding to perfection.

Climb into sublime comfort and warmth with a luxury bed blanket. From the smoothest lambswool to the softest cashmere, our blankets use the finest natural materials to keep you cosy all year round.

Elevate your sleep experience with our luxurious bed throws and blankets. Our collection includes a variety of materials, from sumptuous lambswool to the softest cashmere, offering year-round comfort and style. Whether you prefer lightweight options for summer or heavier, denser blankets for the winter chill, we have you covered. These high-quality blankets come in classic colours and fit various bed sizes, from single to emperor. For a tactile experience, visit our Harrogate shop.

Choose opulence and experience comfort like never before with Woods Fine Linens. Your journey to ultimate relaxation begins here.

Do You Have Both Light and Heavy Blankets?

We stock all weights of blankets including lightweight blankets. We personally select the very best British made luxury blankets made from all natural fibres.

A lightweight cellular wool blanket can add an extra layer of breathable comfort during the warmer months of the year as the weather begins to cool down, you may switch to the silky-soft lightweight cashmere blanket and allow its 215gsm break the autumn chills. When winter sets in, there is truly no match for either continuing with a 100% cashmere or the heavier Merino wool blanket, with 400 - 490gsm, they truly are both luxuriously dense and surprisingly breathable, naturally antimicrobial and moisture wicking by default.

What Bed Sizes Do Your Throws Cover?

At Woods Fine Linens, we have the best range of throws and blankets available in classic colours and for every bed size. All our blankets are finished elegantly, some with satin or silk binding and will fit any size from single to double beds, king size, super king and emperor bed size.

May I Visit Your Shop to Choose a Wool Blanket?

Yes, of course, we invite you to visit us at our shop situated in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, to experience the supreme softness of our throws and blankets before you make your purchase. Here is the Google Map of the Shop. We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Woods '100% Cashmere' Luxury Blanket

From £2,000.00 to £3,700.00

Woods 'Lambswool & Cashmere' Luxury Blanket

From £285.00 to £530.00

Woods Pure New Wool 'Cellular' Blanket

From £110.00 to £245.00

Woods '100% Merino Wool' Luxury Blanket

From £215.00 to £450.00

Cecil' Orange 100% Merino Wool Block Throw

From £350.00 to £610.00

Dorothy' Rose/Red 100% Lambswool HoneyComb Throw

From £350.00 to £595.00

Erno' 100% Merino Lambswool Block Throw

From £350.00 to £610.00

Edith' 100% Merino Wool Honeycomb Throw

From £350.00 to £595.00

Lloyd' 100% Merino Lambswool Block Throw

From £350.00 to £610.00

Ljf Duo Merino Wool Throw

From £278.00

Pleasures' Plaid Throw

From £290.00

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