Luxury Pillows and Bolsters

Our 'New' & Much Improved Woods Pillows Are All Hypoallergenic

Luxury Pillows and Bolsters

Welcome to the world of Woods Fine Linens, where our mission is to curate a perfect collection of the finest pillows and bolsters since 1895. Our pillows and bolsters are our commitment to providing you with the best sleep possible. 

Sink into our luxury pillows and allow the stress of the day to drain away. We have some of the softest, plumpest pillows available on the UK market, with a range of innovative solutions to suit your every need!

We have a wide selection of sumptuous down and feather pillows, 100% natural-filled travel pillows for neck support, super supportive bolster pillows, anti-allergy pillows that don’t compromise on comfort, and much more.

A Pillow for Every Preference

Our extensive selection caters to a wide spectrum of preferences. Find the solution for your sleeping needs, whether it’s the sumptuous comfort of down and feather pillows or the superior support of our bolster pillows.

Do You Have A Pillow for Neck Pain Relief Whilst Travelling?

Yes, we have the best pillows for neck support (both for a good night’s sleep and travelling). If you’re looking for a luxury pillow from the UK, you’re bound to find it within our extensive selection, which includes the Exclusive Woods Handmade Luxury White Goose Down Pillow – our most comfortable pillow ever and our best-seller. We also sell specialist pillows, such as feather bolster pillows.

Luxury Hotel-Quality Pillows

Experience the opulence of our luxury hotel pillows, designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort and relaxation. Whether you're looking for the best luxury pillows or luxury goose-down pillows, you'll find your perfect match in our curated collection.

How to Choose the Right Pillows and Bolsters?

Our curated collection of Luxury Pillows and Bolsters caters to a variety of preferences. We offer an array of pillows and bolsters, each with its unique qualities and comfort level.

Our Luxury Goose Down Pillows are filled with 85% Polish Goose Down and 15% Polish Goose Feathers,  which are widely regarded as the best bedding filling money can buy, offering exceptional insulation, comfort and warmth with natural body temperature regulating properties.  The high-quality goose down used in these pillows has excellent thermal properties, creating a warm and cosy sleeping environment. You may also be interested in our Goose Down Duvets, which offer a similar level of comfort and warmth.

Luxury White Duck Down Pillows are the perfect choice for anyone seeking excellence and true luxury for their home. These pillows are incredibly soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic. Accompanied by our White Siberian Goose Down Duvet - this bed ensemble is fit for a king.

Our Duck Down & Feather Pillows are made from a blend of duck down and feathers, known for their ability to regulate body temperature. These pillows keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, making them a great choice for year-round comfort. Consider our Luxury 'Down and Feather' Mattress Topper for added comfort.

Synthetic Pillows are designed to minimise allergens, ensuring a restful and sneeze-free sleep. Our Hypoallergenic Bedding Range offers a variety of products that can help create an allergen-free sleeping environment.

Why Choose Pillows From Woods Fine Linens?

Woods Fine Linens is committed to offering the finest quality materials in our luxury pillows and bolsters. Our products are uniquely crafted to provide a perfect blend of softness and support, setting a standard of excellence in the UK market.

Our heritage as a trusted retailer since 1895 is a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our products have graced the homes of royalty, further cementing our reputation as an ultimate destination for luxury and quality home comforts.

You can explore our range of luxury pillows and bolsters online or visit our historic shop on Prince Albert Row in Harrogate, North Yorkshire to experience them in person. Our expert staff are always available to assist you, ensuring your selection aligns with your preferences.

Rediscover the joy of restful sleep with our luxurious pillows and bolsters. From soft and sumptuous options to pillows designed for neck pain relief, Woods Fine Linens invites you to experience a world of comfort and luxury.

Woods 'Best' Luxury Goose Down PillowWoods 'Best' Luxury Goose Down Pillow

Woods 'Best' Luxury Goose Down Pillow

£332.00 £390.00
Woods 'Luxury Goose Down' PillowWoods 'Luxury Goose Down' Pillow

Woods 'Luxury Goose Down' Pillow

£191.00 £225.00
Woods 'Luxury White Duck Down' PillowWoods 'Luxury White Duck Down' Pillow

Woods 'Luxury White Duck Down' Pillow

£149.00 £175.00
Woods 'Duck Down & Feather' PillowWoods 'Duck Down & Feather' Pillow

Woods 'Duck Down & Feather' Pillow

£119.00 £140.00
Woods 'Goose Down Surround' PillowWoods 'Goose Down Surround' Pillow

Woods 'Goose Down Surround' Pillow

£102.00 £120.00
Woods 'Duck Feather' PillowWoods 'Duck Feather' Pillow

Woods 'Duck Feather' Pillow

£43.00 £50.00
Woods 'Duck Feather Bolster' PillowWoods 'Duck Feather Bolster' Pillow

Woods 'Duck Feather Bolster' Pillow

£51.00 £60.00
Woods 'Synthetic' PillowWoods 'Synthetic' Pillow

Woods 'Synthetic' Pillow

£30.00 £35.00
Bone Shaped Travel Neck Pillows

Woods 'Bone Shaped' Travel Neck Pillow

£10.00 £12.00

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