Plain Towels

Explore an array of colours and sizes within our luxury plain towels.

Luxuriate Yourself in Our Luxury Towels

Woods Fine Linens want to make choosing your towels straightforward  for you - that's why we carry a comprehensive range of splendid luxury towels for all your daily needs. We have the best performing towels each selected for their unique design and properties. Towels sizes including bath sheets, bath towels, hand towels, guest towels and face cloths. We also stock adorable towels and towels sets for children and newborns. Our towels are soft and comfortable and perfectly designed, great for the little one’s needs. All the towels are made from 100% cotton.

Why Buy Towels From Woods Fine Linens?

You may not know, but our linen heritage dates all the way back to 1733, when the Woods family were linen merchants in South Wales. Our shop has been serving everyone from Royalty, celebrities, artists, to residents of Harrogate and beyond; where our shop has been open for business since 1895. We are the custodians of quality.

At Woods Fine Linens, we inherently understand the importance of a comfortable towel after your morning shower or a relaxing evening bathing routine. This is why we have a vast range of carefully curated towels that are soft and luxurious in a variety of colours made from the highest qualities of fabric available.

Many of our towels are made from 100% Egyptian cotton for the luxurious feeling of hotel quality. We have towels available in different designs and sizes to perfectly match your needs. Towels which are durable and effective, stylish should last for many years. We can assure you the highest quality of our products - our extraordinary luxury towels are perfect as either gifts for your loved ones or as a treat to oneself. At Woods Fine Linens, you are buying the best quality from a trusted source, pleasing generation after generation of satisfied customers.

We are exceptionally passionate about caring for your needs, so please call one of our linen experts today who can advise you on the right type of quality towels to suit your needs.

Ultimate Super Pile Egyptian Cotton Towel Collection

From £20.00 to £180.00

Imperial Luxury Cotton Towel Collection

From £7.00 to £80.00

Linen Friction Luxury Towel Collection

From £25.00 to £45.00

Portobello' Egyptian Cotton Towel Collection

From £25.00 to £95.00

'Heaven' Cotton Bath Towel Collection

From £16.00 to £70.00

Frette 'Triplo Bourdon' Cotton Towel Collection

From £70.00 to £190.00

Hotel Luxury White Cotton Towel Collection

From £3.00 to £39.00

Cotton Waffle Luxury Towel Collection

From £12.00 to £35.00
'Duetto' Cotton Towel Collection'Duetto' Cotton Towel Collection

'Duetto' Cotton Towel Collection

From £12.00 to £50.00

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