shower mats

Step out of the shower & straight onto the pile of a luxury shower mat.

Step out of the shower and straight onto the pile of a luxuriuous shower mat from Woods Fine Linens.

In our ever-busier lives we sometimes don't get the time to relax in the bath as much as we'd like, so showering has become the quick fix to the bathing routine. But, just because it's more efficient doesn't mean it has to be any less of a luxurious experience.

It's the little touches which you can add to it that make it more fulfilling. Take for instance one of our soft, deep pile ultimate shower mats, they not only make your bathroom look stylish but they also add a luxurious layer of comfort between your wet feet and the bath or shower-room floor. The inviting warmth of a quality shower mat definitely makes taking a shower a more pleasurable experience and in our opinion the deeper the better!

Our shower mats also come in a wide range of colours to effortlessly blend into your home and they are part of a matching collection of pedestal mats, bath mats and even towels so you can really finish off the complete bathing experience.

We are always available to help and guide you, to find the right size or just to recommend. Please call into the shop or on the telephone to find out more.

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