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Take bathing up a notch with luxurious bath robes, exfoliating body brushes & deep pile bath mats.

Luxury Bathroom Accessories: Elevate Your Bathing Experience

Every moment in your bathroom should be an indulgent experience. Our handpicked collection of luxury bathroom accessories promises both practicality and opulence. Browse our wonderful selection of bath accessories to add those all-important finishing touches to your bathroom. From ultra soft Egyptian cotton bath robes to fine oak nail brushes, we're sure you'll be impressed with the quality and design of these pampering items which also make wonderful gifts for your loved ones. 

Irresistible Bathroom Essentials

Opulent Bath Mats

Step out of the shower onto a luxurious bath mat. Sink your feet into cloud-like softness. Our bath mats come in classic and contemporary styles, ensuring a seamless transition with your personal bathroom decor. Match them with coordinating bath towels for a cohesive look.

Bath Robes for Ultimate Comfort

Wrap yourself in indulgence with our range of bathrobes. The ‘Tre Righe’ and ‘Treccia’ collections by Pratesi. Crafted from the highest grade materials, these robes are more than clothing—they’re an experience. Slip into one after a relaxing bath and elevate your self-care routine.

Coordinating Bath Accessories

Complete your bathroom oasis with thoughtful touches:

Soap Dispensers and Dishes: Keep your favourite scents within reach.

Bathroom Brushes: Made from natural wood, they add a touch of eco-luxury.

Shower Gels: Premium shower gel that can give you a royal experience. 

Soaps: Explore our vast range of high quality soaps, from brands such as Carthusia, Triumph & Disaster, and Ortigia.

Whether in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, or browsing from the comfort of your home, explore our luxury bath accessories. Create a bathroom that exudes sophistication and comfort. Elevate your daily rituals—because every moment matters.

Woods Famous 'Bath Glove'

From £16.00

'Pear Wood' Nail Brush

From £10.00 to £20.00

Curved Handle Bath Brush

From £24.00

Oak Natural Bath and Body Brush

From £28.00

Beech Wood 'Bath Brush'

From £12.00

Rabbit & Cabbage Cosmetic Bag

From £22.00 to £29.00

Blackbird & Bramble Cosmetic Bag

From £22.00 to £29.00

Cactus & Bird Cosmetic Bag

From £22.00 to £29.00
'Treccia' Bath Robe Collection by Pratesi'Treccia' Bath Robe Collection by Pratesi

'Treccia' Bath Robe Collection by Pratesi

From £1,037.00

Bath Soap Bar

From £12.00

D R Harris 'Almond Oil' Soap Bar

From £9.50 to £19.50
'Tre Righe' Bath Robe Collection by Pratesi'Tre Righe' Bath Robe Collection by Pratesi

Woods 'Moena' Egyptian Cotton Towel Collection

From £35.00 to £75.00

'Ortigia' Soap Set Collection (40g x4)

From £32.00 to £36.00

Ortigia Florio Soap On A Plate

From £26.00

Ortigia Venezia Soap 40g x 3

From £25.00

Ortigia Roma Soap

From £25.00

On The Road Travel Kit 2.0

From £45.00

'Tile' Soap Bar Collection

From £14.00

D R Harris 'Almond Oil' Soap (Set of 3)

From £27.00 to £38.00

Panier Des Sens Provence Soap

From £8.00

Panier Des Sens Verbena Soap

From £8.00

Panier Des Sens Almond Soap

From £8.00

Ortigia Borsettina Velvet Bag

From £62.00

Duchess Velour Bath Robe

From £85.00

Aura Cotton Bath Robe Collection

From £194.00

Imperial Luxury Cotton Bath Mat Collection

From £35.00 to £70.00

'Heaven' Cotton Bath Mat Collection

From £145.00

Aura Cotton Bath Mat Collection

From £132.00

Baobab 'Shower Gel' Collection

From £55.00

Sophie Allport 'Bees' Canvas Pouch Collection

From £20.50 to £23.50
'Tile' Foaming Soap Collection'Tile' Foaming Soap Collection

'Tile' Foaming Soap Collection

From £12.00
'Tile' Hand Cream Collection'Tile' Hand Cream Collection

'Tile' Hand Cream Collection

From £18.00

'Sardine' Hand Cream

From £18.00
'Baobab' Soap Collection'Baobab' Soap Collection

'Baobab' Soap Collection

From £25.00
Ortigia 'Jungle' Soap 25g x 6Ortigia 'Jungle' Soap 25g x 6

Ortigia 'Jungle' Soap 25g x 6

From £32.00

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