Woods Creative Team Our experienced creative team has a long-established reputation for collecting the most elegant linens, soft furnishings and accessories from all over the world. Our passion and knowledge is infectious and we have a flair for selecting pieces to suit period, modern and classic interiors of all kinds.

We have cultivated longstanding relationships with several of the world’s most esteemed linen brands, including Frette, Pratesi and Graziano. Our insistence on visiting their headquarters personally on a regular basis ensures that we retain these valuable ties, with the resulting benefits passed on to our customers.

Many of the items that we sell are exclusive to Woods outside of London, and several are made exclusively for Woods.

Our interior design service

To complement our exquisite range of linens and help you realise your vision, we offer an expert interior design service, creating unique, stylish homes that exude beauty, character and finesse.

We are renowned for our ability to create comfortable schemes that transform houses into homes. Skilled at decorating interiors in such a way that they appear to have evolved over time, we have a knack for reflecting the individual personality of each client in every sumptuous scheme that we create.

Meet the creatives

William Woods
Our creative team is led by William Woods, a full member of the British Institute of Interior Design and conservation aficionado with over 40 years of experience developing period houses, country houses and listed buildings.

Having inherited Woods of Harrogate aged just seventeen, William travelled to Northern Ireland and developed his technical knowledge of linen by working for a manufacturer of spinners, weavers and dyers. From there he went on to London to work for Heal & Son, a prominent contemporary design company now known as Heal's.

This experience inspired William to work as an interior designer, and after four years away from home he took the reins of the family business and founded William Woods Interior Design. Today, he is respected far and wide for his ability to develop interiors that are at once sophisticated and homely, and which emanate effortless luxury and style.

Sarah Woods
In 2004, William was joined by his daughter Sarah, a fifth generation family member to the company. From an early age, it was clear that she had inherited the family’s talent for art and design, so having achieved an honours degree in English and History at the University of Leeds, Sarah went on to study interior design and architecture at KLC School of Design in London.

Upon completing the course, Sarah developed her skill at a leading interior design company in London before returning to Harrogate to join the family business. To this day, her keen eye for detail and her strong understanding of proportion and scale have earned her a loyal base of clients and a widespread reputation that belies her age.

Together with a trusted team of specialists who share their commitment and values, William and Sarah are able to deliver highly creative, custom-made design solutions that reflect your unique personality. If you would like to know more, visit the William Woods Interior Design website or call 01423 530111 today.