dr vranjes home fragrance

Sublimely sophisticated room diffusers by Dr Vranjes of Florence

Finest Dr Vranjes Firenze Home Fragrance

Dr Vranjes Firenze Home Fragrance is, to put it simply, an impressive range of scents for your home. 

Dr Vranjes is in fact a real Doctor, Chemist, Perfumier and Cosmetologist who opened his first shop in Florence in 1996. He has quickly established the brand and created quite a buzz around these superb, long-lasting and elegant fragrances.

Each diffuser is presented in a beautiful 'Duomo' bottle, the design of which echoes the Duomo of Florence and the glorious scents within are made using only natural essential oils.

Allow the reed diffusers to work their magic by positioning them in hallways and thoroughfares, the opening of doors and people moving around helps to carry the fragrance further, spreading the sophisticated scents throughout the heart of your home.

One of the most popular fragrances to suit all the sexes is energizing ginger & lime but we also offer bitter orange & pepper (chinoto e pepe), wild fig (fico salvatico), pomegranate (melograno) and siberian pine & green moss (terra).

Wonderfully sophisticated scents that impress.

Dr Vranjes 'Oud Nobile' Collection

From £66.00 to £342.00

Dr Vranjes Diffuser - Ginger and Lime

From £55.00 to £354.00

Dr Vranjes Diffuser - Rosso Nobile

From £66.00 to £210.00
'Dr Vranjes' Room Spray Collection 100ml'Dr Vranjes' Room Spray Collection 100ml

Dr Vranjes Diffuser - Terra

From £55.00 to £354.00

Dr Vranjes Diffuser - Melograno (Pomegranate)

From £55.00 to £354.00

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