Dr Vranjes 'Ambra' Reed Diffuser Collection

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Dr Vranjes 'Ambra' Reed Diffuser Collection - This ambient fragrance is the first and most important olfactory recollection that Maestro Paolo Vranjes wanted to recreate. He wanted to bring to mind the scent of the hours spent in his grandfather's studio. His grandfather was a fragrance collector who enjoyed unknown scents and trying to uncover their mystery. The elegant amber and patchouli base develops with the intense notes of sandalwood and vanilla. The fascinating mystery of the Oriental amber gives relaxation to living spaces and bedrooms, adorning them with a pleasant and charming sensation.

Ensure you will never be without your favourite scent by purchasing a refill which can be used alone or to top up an existing fragrance so as to ensure the perfect maintenance of your diffuser. Dr Vranjes' home fragrances are known for the enduring scent and lifespan. Refill includes new sticks

Care Instructions:

  • On first use it is necessary to let the sticks or reeds soak for an hour and then turn them over. To adjust the intensity of the home fragrance, all or part of the reeds provided must be turned one or more times a day.
  • Choose the bottle size proportionate to the area you wish to fragrance & position the diffuser at human height level.
  • Medium-sized rooms - it is preferable to place the diffuser in the centre of the room so when people pass by the air moves and the fragrance circulates.
  • Larger rooms it is preferable to have two positioned on the two opposite sides of the room you wish to fragrance.
  • Keep out of reach & away from children, pets, heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames & other ignition sources. No smoking around the diffuser/refill
  • Do not place on polished, varnished, painted surfaces or on electrical equipment
  • It is very important to use all the vine reeds supplied with the chosen fragrance.


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Additional information

  • Please note that due to courier restrictions we are unable to send Reed Diffusers & Refills Internationally.
  • Care Instructions: Please see description for full details.
  • Origin: Italy
  • Aftercare : Rotate Reeds One Hour After First Use, Then Regularly Rotate One or More To Achieve Desired Intensity
  • Keep out of the reach and away from children, pets & heat sources.


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