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Whatever the filling and whatever the tog we will have the perfect luxury duvets just for you.

Luxury Duvets To Aid A Great Night’s Rest

There is nothing better than a relaxing sleep on a bed with soft pillows and a fresh duvet. Duvets are more than just a bedding item, as they can impact your night sleep significantly. They are an investment in your comfort and well-being. Whatever the filling and the tog, we have the perfect luxury duvet for you in our extensive collection. From single to double bed duvets, from king size to super king size duvets, duvets for toddlers and adults alike, we have just what you need. Snuggle up in the sublime comfort of our luxurious bedding.

Summer and Winter Duvets - Duvets for Every Season

In the summer and spring seasons, the temperature rises, and it often makes your sleep more uncomfortable. Regular duvets (used in the Winter Season) may negatively impact your sleep by making you feel too hot. All-season duvet helps absorb moisture, but also breathes and insulates efficiently for the warm summer nights. The best solution is to invest in a summer duvet that offers a more relaxed and cooler sleep on warm nights. For the winter season, it is always worth considering having an alternative duvet for warmer sleep on chillier nights.

How to Choose the Right Size and Tog of a Duvet?

Want to invest in the best duvet but not sure how to choose? Do not worry about choosing the size and tog of the duvet - at Woods Fine Linens we understand your needs and offer you what you need.

Not everyone likes the same type of duvet. Some want warm and heavy duvets and some like lightweight and that cooler feeling. The best duvet is the one that wicks moisture away and keeps your temperature steady the whole night. Duvets bought from Woods Fine Linens will feel right in all conditions and may be purchased in all sizes and forms.

Our tog ratings include 3.0 tog duvets, 3.5 tog duvets, 4.5 tog duvets, 5.5 tog duvets, 6.0 tog duvets, 8.5 tog duvets, 9.0 tog duvets, 10.5 tog duvets, 13.5 tog duvets and 15.0 tog duvets. If you choose higher tog duvets - they’ll be perfect for winter. If you choose lower tog duvets, they are ideal for the summer season. We have all the luxurious duvets to keep you warm and cosy in winter, and cool and comfortable in summer. Here at Woods, we have a selection of perfect duvets for every preference.

Choose the Right Material and Filling of Duvet

Choosing the right material and filling of your duvet might seem overwhelming due to the extensive variety. At Woods, we offer duvets made of natural fillings such as wool, cotton, duck down and feathers - they allow the body to breathe and maintain a steady temperature throughout the night. We also offer duck down and feathers, which are renowned for their insulating abilities - they are lightweight, fluffy and soft.

Filled with the finest white Siberian goose down, our ‘Best’ White Siberian Goose Down Duvet.  offers unparalleled warmth and softness. The ‘White Hungarian Goose Down’ Duvet offers extra plush comfort. The Hungarian goose-down filling provides excellent insulation, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Our ‘Perfect Partner’ Hungarian Goose Down Duvet is designed for those who value individual comfort. With its unique dual tog rating, this duvet allows each side to have a different warmth level, ensuring a perfect night’s sleep for both you and your partner.

Our White Goose Down Duvet is designed for those chilly winter nights, and filled with large clusters of white goose down, providing superior warmth.

Why is Woods Fine Linens the Best Store to Choose a Duvet from?

At Woods Fine Linens, you’ll find the best quality duvets available anywhere, including Brinkhaus Duvet, Woods 'White Hungarian Goose Down' Duvet, Woods 'Best' White Siberian Goose Down Duvet, handmade exclusively in Great Britain, Brinkhaus Eider Down Duvets, Brinkhaus Chalet Goose Down Duvets, Brinkhaus Wild Silk Duvets, Brinkhaus Exquisite Pure New Wool Duvets, Woods Fine Linens Anti-Allergy / Hypoallergenic Duvets made exclusively in Great Britain.

We offer duvets in a range of sizes and tog ratings, allowing you to choose the perfect duvet for your needs.

We are particularly proud of our innovative and exclusive Woods Fine Linens Perfect Partner Siberian Goose Down Duvet, our bestseller. This combines 13.5 togs on one side with 9.0 togs on the other to solve the age-old problem of one partner being too cold and the other too hot. You can also specify your bespoke choice of tog for each side.

We have the most luxurious range of high-quality and best pillows in the UK, which will perfectly complement your duvet purchase. Why not complete your sleep by choosing the most important aspect, a handmade bed personally developed by William Woods and exclusive to us?

At Woods Fine Linens, we believe in the power of a good night’s sleep. Our duvets are not just products; they are a promise of comfort, warmth, and restful sleep. Explore our collection and experience the difference today.

Explore our collection of premium duvets available both online and in-store, and feel free to reach out if there's anything we can assist you with.

Woods 'Best' White Siberian Goose Down Duvet

From £365.00 to £1,300.00

Woods 'White Hungarian Goose Down' Duvet

From £215.00 to £1,100.00

Woods 'Perfect Partner' Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

From £674.00 to £950.00

Woods 'Synthetic' Duvet

From £85.00 to £310.00

Brinkhaus 'Mandarin' Exotic Silk Filled Duvet

From £219.00 to £389.00

Brinkhaus 'Chalet' Goose Down Duvet

From £759.00 to £2,399.00

Brinkhaus Luxury 'Mazurian' Blue Goose Down Duvet

From £539.00 to £1,059.00

Brinkhaus 'Exquisit' Pure New Wool Duvet

From £169.00 to £319.00

Brinkhaus 'Eiderdown' Duvet

From £5,449.00 to £29,899.00

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