Brinkhaus 'Eiderdown' Duvet

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Rediscover your bed as a safe haven with the 4.5 tog Brinkhaus Eiderdown Duvet. This most luxurious of duvet comforters is filled with extra large clusters of pure Icelandic eiderdown (one of the rarest materials) and is available in a choice of casings for an elegant finish. Lightweight and breathable, the Brinkhaus 4.5 tog eiderdown duvet can be used all year round without the worry of waking up sweltering hot during the summer months.

Order this gloriously plush but airy duvet online today and wake up feeling fresh and pampered every morning or discover a new level of serenity with the 13.5 tog Brinkhaus Eiderdown Duvet.

Eiderdown is not only the softest and lightest down in the world; its natural insulating properties are truly in a league of their own. Ideal if you feel the cold easily, this opulent duvet retains heat like no other, perfect for snuggling up on those chilly winter nights. Order the Brinkhaus eiderdown duvet online today and enjoy a blissful sleep night after night.

The Filling

Extra large cluster pure Icelandic Eiderdown is used in the production of this exquisite duvet. Unsurpassed as a duvet filling, due to its ability to retain heat with hardly any weight, clustering together as if joined by an invisible link. The eiderdown is very large, but finer and denser than any other type of down. It forms a sort of fleece that insulates like no other natural or artificial material.

The Eider Ducks brave the icy temperatures and polar storms and use their unique breast and stomach down to protect them from the cold, Icelandic climate. The females naturally lose part of their down before laying their eggs and carefully collect this to fill their nest. Once the chicks hatch and leave their nest, the Eider Duck Farmers then carefully collect the precious down without disturbing the birds in their natural habitat.

The down is then carefully cleansed ready for use in these duvets, the extreme high end of the Brinkhaus Black Label,  highest quality Luxury Lifestyle Collection.

To ensure the filling is distributed perfectly, the filling is weighed and painstakingly and evenly distributed by hand into each duvet pocket.

To finish the cambric is in Fine White Cotton or you may choose either Ash or Cream Jacquard 100% Silk casing at no extra charge.

Due to the very special nature of this item, each one is made to order and delivery is estimated at around 4-6 weeks.

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Additional information

  • Brand : Brinkhaus Black Label
  • Origin : Germany
  • Filling : Icelandic Eiderdown
  • Ecology : Ethically & Sustainably Sourced
  • Note : Due To Hygiene Reasons Duvets & Pillow Are Non-Returnable

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