Home Luxuries

Why not treat you, your home or your loved ones' home to something new, something extravagant, something colourful?

Discover Elegance: Home Luxuries Collection

Welcome to the Home Luxuries collection at Woods Fine Linens, where opulence meets impeccable taste. Our curated selection of exquisite items promises to elevate your living space, making every moment a celebration of refined living.

Artful Botanicals

‘Lemon’ Artificial Plant in Pot

Bring the outdoors in with our lifelike ‘Lemon’ artificial plant. Its verdant leaves and sunny disposition add a touch of vitality to any room.

‘Lavender’ Artificial Flower Collection

Bask in the soothing scent of Provence with our delicate lavender blooms. Arrange them in a vintage vase or adorn your dressing table for a touch of timeless elegance.

‘Rosemary Branch’ Artificial Flower Collection

The graceful rosemary stems exude Mediterranean charm. Place them on your kitchen windowsill or create a fragrant centrepiece for intimate gatherings.

‘Monarda Creme’ Pink Artificial Flower Stem

These blush-pink monarda flowers evoke a sense of romance. Pair them with our decorative trays for an enchanting display.

Captivating Scents

Dr Vranjes ‘Rosa Tabacco’ Fragrance Collection

Indulge your senses with the heady notes of rose and tobacco. Our diffusers and candles transform any room into a sanctuary of delight.

Carrière Frères ‘Scented Candle’ Collection

Choose from an array of scents—amber, fig, or cedarwood—to set the mood. These hand-poured candles are a symphony of luxury.

Amelie et Melanie Linge Blanc Pillow Mist

Elevate your ambience with this elegant pillow mist. The delicate blend of linen and white musk oozes sophistication.


Timeless Tableware

Camelia’ 100% Linen Table Collection

Drape your dining table in pure linen. The ‘Camelia’ collection boasts understated luxury, perfect for intimate dinners or festive gatherings.

Fiore Caterina’ 100% Linen Table Collection

Inspired by Italian gardens, these floral tablecloths evoke sun-kissed afternoons. Pair them with our ‘Ruby Birds’ birchwood trays for a harmonious tablescape.

Cornice’ 100% Linen Napkins

The finishing touch to your culinary masterpiece. These linen napkins exude sophistication, whether you’re hosting a soirée or enjoying a quiet meal.

Thoughtful Gifts

Woods Gift Card

Give the gift of choice. Our elegant gift cards allow your loved ones to explore our entire collection and select their piece of luxury.

Baobab Body Lotion & Shower Gel Gift Box

Pamper yourself or a cherished friend with this indulgent duo. The Baobab fragrance lingers, leaving skin soft and senses rejuvenated.

‘My First Baobab’ Candle & Diffuser Gift Box

Introduce someone special to the world of luxury scents. This gift box combines a petite candle and a delicate diffuser—a delightful sensory journey awaits.

Woods Gift Card

From £10.00 to £1,000.00

'Lemon' Artifcial Plant in Pot.

From £38.00

'Lavender' Artificial Flower Collection

From £10.00 to £60.00

Baobab 'Shower Gel' Collection

From £55.00
Dr Vranjes 'Rosa Tabacco' Fragrance CollectionDr Vranjes 'Rosa Tabacco' Fragrance Collection

Dr Vranjes 'Rosa Tabacco' Fragrance Collection

From £32.00 to £732.00

Ortigia 'Jungle' Round Tray

From £75.00

Audubon Square Tray Collection

From £165.00

'Ruby Birds' Birchwood Tray Collection

From £28.00 to £35.00

Jefferson's Garden Study' Gold Lacquer Tray

From £120.00 to £165.00

'Grand Palms' Black Lacquer Tray

From £120.00 to £145.00

Dr Vranjes 'Oud Nobile' Fragrance Collection

From £68.00 to £356.00

Ortigia 'Mosaic' Tray Collection

From £48.00 to £50.00

'Kinoko' Toadstool Placemats & Coasters

From £8.00 to £24.00

Birds in Dunes' Square Tray

From £36.00
Woods Kitchen Essentials Rotation Bundle

Camelia' 100% Linen Table Collection

From £28.00 to £95.00

Fiore Caterina' 100% Linen Table Collection

From £28.00 to £95.00

Cornice' 100% Linen Napkins

From £24.00

Ortigia Florio Soap On A Plate

From £26.00
Polishing Pack Bundle

Woods Polishing Pack

£31.00 £39.00

Dr Vranjes 'Acqua' Reed Diffuser Collection

From £58.00 to £298.00

Curl Cotton Kitchen Hand Towel

From £8.00

Cactus & Bird Cosmetic Bag

From £22.00 to £29.00

Rabbit & Cabbage Cosmetic Bag

From £22.00 to £29.00

Woods Postal Gift Vouchers

From £5.00 to £50.00

'Tortoiseshell' Lacquer Tray Collection

From £120.00 to £165.00

'My First Baobab' Candle

From £50.00

'Bunny' Round Birchwood Tray

From £32.00

'Hummingbird' Gold Tray

From £120.00 to £165.00

'Palm Fronds' Lacquer Tray

From £120.00 to £165.00
'Charme' Cotton Towel Collection 25% OFF'Charme' Cotton Towel Collection 25% OFF

'Charme' Cotton Towel Collection 25% OFF

£11.00 £15.00
'Baobab' Soap Collection'Baobab' Soap Collection

'Baobab' Soap Collection

From £25.00

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