Woods Kitchen Essentials Rotation Bundle

£38 £40

For all your cleaning needs

Bundle includes:

2 x Check Dusters - £6 (50x58cm) -  Ideal for collecting dirt like a magnet, our Dusters make polishing, dusting, cleaning, and wiping a more enjoyable chore.
2 x Oven Gloves£14 (89cm) - Made from high quality unbleached cotton, our Traditional Double Oven Gloves are profoundly heat resistant
2 x Woods Famous Linen Dishcloths £12 (46x46cm) - Strong and durable, it leaves no fluff, marks or residue and it doesn't retain grease or smells.
2 x Linen Scrims - £10 (70x70cm) - Get sparkling clean windows immediately with our easy-to-use Woods Window Cleaning Scrims.
2 x Floor Cloths - £6 (48x53cm) - Made to a traditional design, using heavy woven unbleached cotton for superior softness and strength.

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