Linen Window Cleaning Scrim


These are the perfect cloths for sparkling, smear-free windows.  Use a Woods Traditional Window Scrim as a professional or just because you want the right cloth for the job. Our Cleaning Scrims are made from 100% Natural Linen, to give you gleaming glass, whether used wet or dry.

Naturally lint-free, our Cleaning Scrims give are extremely durable, and produce excellent results every single time. A must have item in professional window cleaning kits and conventional homes, there is not a better, or simpler solution for dry and shiny windows.

Part of our comprehensive range of trustworthy household linens, use our Cleaning Scrims for unbeatable results and reliability.

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    Additional information

    • Brand : Woods
    • Origin : Europe
    • Dimensions : 70x70cm
    • Material : 100% Linen
    • Care Instructions : Boil the scrim for 2-3 minutes before first use, allow to cool and dry then it is ready to use.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    George B.
    Excellent product

    The linen scrim allows me to bring shine and lustre to all my windows and mirrors, without the need for harsh cleaning products. I just wish I’d bought one years ago.

    Linen scrim

    Good quality attention to detail and personal touch to the package was impressive. Touch of class indeed

    Antony C.

    Scrims were exactly what I wanted. Service was excellent in a personal & very welcome traditional style. I look forward to exploring the store further!

    Cath C.
    Squeaky clean

    Scrim is the ideal linen product to ensure windows are polished to perfection. This scrim cloth is high quality and beautifully presented.

    Lorraine H.
    Scrum cleaning cloth

    How did I ever get windows clean without this brilliant product? I didn’t . Tis wonderful

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