Woods Traditional Oven Cloth


Woods Traditional Oven Cloths - Unrivaled Protection and Flexibility in Kitchen Safety

Discover the blend of protection and agility with Woods Traditional Oven Cloths, designed to optimise your kitchen safety. Crafted from top-quality unbleached thick cotton yarns, our oven cloths are heat-resistant, offering secure handling of hot kitchen items and baking trays while maintaining flexibility.

Emerging as a superior alternative to traditional oven mitts and gloves, our generously sized oven cloths measure 50x75cm, providing comprehensive protection against steam, heat, and burns. Practical, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing, Woods Oven Cloths blend seamlessly with any kitchen decor, serving as an ideal solution for those who favour oven cloths over gloves.

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Additional information

  • Product Label : Best Seller
  • Size : 48x74cm
  • Pack Size : Individual
  • Brand : Woods Fine Linens
  • Material : Cotton

Customer Reviews

Based on 197 reviews
At last! Quality Found

After much searching for a replacement oven cloth, both in stores and online, I came across Woods and ordered two in case it was as difficult to find one in future. I was not disappointed. The cloths are good and thick, a good size to avoid burned hands and came beautifully packaged with a personalized note. One has gone away in the drawer and the other is already in service keeping us protected when taking things in and out of the oven, thank you.

Excellent products.

After a disappointing search on the internet I came across this company who had on offer just what I was looking for. On arrival they did not disappoint, excellent.

Excellent Service

My oven cloth arrived in excellent condition, beautifullly and carefully packaged. The oven cloth itself has proven itself to be very useful.

Janet H.

Excellent product, excellent service

Hazel C.
Great product

Great product. Stops all those nasty burns on arms as protects both hands and arms.

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