Woods Traditional Oven Cloth

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Woods Traditional Oven Cloths - Unrivaled Protection and Flexibility in Kitchen Safety

Discover the blend of protection and agility with Woods Traditional Oven Cloths, designed to optimise your kitchen safety. Crafted from top-quality unbleached thick cotton yarns, our oven cloths are heat-resistant, offering secure handling of hot kitchen items and baking trays while maintaining flexibility.

Emerging as a superior alternative to traditional oven mitts and gloves, our generously sized oven cloths measure 50x75cm, providing comprehensive protection against steam, heat, and burns. Practical, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing, Woods Oven Cloths blend seamlessly with any kitchen decor, serving as an ideal solution for those who favour oven cloths over gloves.

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Additional information

  • Brand : Woods
  • Size : 48x74cm
  • Pack Size : Individual
  • Brand : Woods Fine Linens
  • Material : 60% Cotton, 25% Polyester & 15% Other

Customer Reviews

Based on 211 reviews
Julie W.
Oven Cloth

Great. Large oven cloth. A lot bigger than I expected. No more burnt fingers. Liked the personal service. Would definitely buy again

Wood’s new oven clothes

We have been buying these for years but recently bought some for my daughter and the quality seems to have dropped considerably. They are much thinner and less heat resistant to the previous oven clothes Woods used to sell. They also look of a much lower quality. A big disappointment.


Good quality product

Kathryn D.

Excellent service from placing the order its packing to delivery.

Cherrill T.
Traditional Oven Cloth

Wanted a traditional oven cloth as oven gloves too bulky and having attended a cookery course and being supplied with one for the day it was a must have.
Not disappointed, easy to order arrived promptly, does what it says on the tin!

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