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Emphasise your interior with a scent that unlocks your senses.

Elevate Your Home with Luxury Room Fragrances

At Woods Fine Linens, we believe that fragrance is more than just a pleasant aroma—it’s an experience. Our Luxury Room Fragrance Collection invites you to explore a world of captivating scents, each carefully curated to transform your living spaces into havens of tranquillity.

A well-chosen fragrance can instantly elevate the ambience of any room. Whether you’re unwinding after a long day or hosting a special gathering, these luxury room fragrances can set the tone.

Luxury fragrances are like fine art for your senses. They evoke emotions, memories, and a sense of sophistication. Choose from floral, woody, or citrus notes to match your personal style.

Explore Our Collection:

‘Un Soir A L’Opera’ Room Spray Collection:

Immerse yourself in the drama of an opera night. This room spray captures the elegance and allure of the stage. 

Dr. Vranjes Room Spray Collection (100ml):

Crafted by Florentine perfumiers, these room sprays blend tradition with innovation. Choose from a range of enchanting scents to suit your mood.

Carthusia ‘Note’ Room Spray Collection:

Inspired by the island of Capri, these room sprays transport you to sun-drenched shores. Experience the Mediterranean breeze in your own home.

Carrière Frères ‘Botanical Palets’ (2x 55g):

These botanical palets are a delightful fusion of nature and luxury. Place them discreetly in drawers or display them as miniature works of art.

Fragranced Drawer Liners:

Infuse your wardrobe with elegance. These drawer liners keep your clothes smelling fresh and add a touch of luxury to your daily routine.

‘Cloud’ Pillow Mist:

Spray this delicate mist on your pillows before bedtime. Let the soothing scent carry you into dreamland.

Carrière Frères Room Spray Collection (200ml):

Larger rooms deserve grand fragrances. Explore scents that linger and create an inviting atmosphere.

Dr. Vranjes ‘Ambra’ Reed Diffuser Collection:

Amber-infused fragrances evoke warmth and sophistication. Choose from various sizes to suit your space.

Ortigia Fico D’India Reed Diffuser:

The essence of cactus flower, fig, and cedar—this diffuser brings the Mediterranean sun indoors.

Trudon Reed Diffuser Collection (350ml):

Artisanal craftsmanship meets luxurious fragrance. Elevate your home with these captivating reed diffusers.

Discover the perfect luxury room fragrances for your home at Woods Fine Linens. Let fragrance be your silent companion, enhancing every moment.

Dr Vranjes 'Rosa Tabacco' Fragrance CollectionDr Vranjes 'Rosa Tabacco' Fragrance Collection

Dr Vranjes 'Rosa Tabacco' Fragrance Collection

From £32.00 to £732.00

Dr Vranjes 'Leather Oud' Fragrance Collection

From £48.00 to £218.00

'Tile' Foaming Soap Collection

From £12.00

'Tile' Hand Cream Collection

From £18.00

Trudon 'Scented Candle' Collection (270g)

From £95.00 to £98.00

Dr Vranjes 'Acqua' Reed Diffuser Collection

From £58.00 to £298.00

'Sardine' Hand Cream

From £18.00

'My First Baobab' Candle

From £50.00

D R Harris 'Almond Oil' Soap (Set of 3)

From £27.00 to £38.00

D R Harris 'Almond Oil' Soap Bar

From £9.50 to £19.50

Trudon 'Dutch' Candle Holder

From £60.00

'Tile' Soap Bar Collection

From £14.00

Fragranced Drawer Liners

From £27.00

L'Olivier 'Men's Care' Collection

From £5.00 to £25.00

Dr Vranjes 'Milano' Reed Diffuser Collection

From £68.00 to £218.00

On The Road Travel Kit 2.0

From £45.00

Bath Soap Bar

From £12.00

Ortigia Roma Soap

From £25.00

Ortigia Venezia Soap 40g x 3

From £25.00

Dr Vranjes 'Oud Nobile' Fragrance Collection

From £68.00 to £356.00

Ortigia Florio Soap On A Plate

From £26.00

'Cloud' Room Spray

From £21.00

Dr Vranjes 'Ambra' Reed Diffuser Collection

From £58.00 to £298.00

Panier Des Sens Almond Soap

From £8.00

Panier Des Sens Verbena Soap

From £8.00

Panier Des Sens Provence Soap

From £8.00

'Ortigia' Soap Set Collection (40g x4)

From £32.00 to £36.00

'Ortigia' Hand Cream Collection

From £22.00

Dr Vranjes 'Melograno' Reed Diffuser Collection

From £58.00 to £368.00

Dr Vranjes Diffuser - Terra

From £58.00 to £368.00

Dr Vranjes Diffuser - Rosso Nobile

From £68.00 to £218.00

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