Summer Scents To Freshen Up Your Home

Lighting a scented candle or burning a fragrant room diffuser is a great way to relax and unwind at home, allowing you to soak up the smells and sensations that a luxury home fragrance can offer. However, with such an extensive selection of scented candles and diffusers available, it can be difficult to find a luxury home fragrance with a scent that stays fresh throughout summer, particularly if you are shopping online.

Whether you want a flowery scent or a fresh and fruity fragrance, we have chosen our fragrance highlights for the summer season to help you find a luxury infused aroma for your home.


Renowned for its freshness, the key notes of Sicilian lemon and basil are the perfect zesty combination which has the power to give your room an energising lift. Manufactured using a combination of 24 pure essential oils, the scent also acts as a powerful holistic treatment and is designed to give you an energising boost, stimulate the senses and sharpen the mind.

As no synthetic fragrances are used or no harmful pollutants are emitted whilst burning the candle, you can enjoy this scent for up to 4 hours and find yourself in a sunnier disposition as you enjoy the warmer summer months. The three-wick candle has an approximate burning time of 50 hours which means you can enjoy this fresh scent for even longer.


With a passion for luxury and captivated by unique and rare scents from around the world, Dr Vranjes strives to make delectable fragrances that will invigorate the senses and stimulate emotions that reach into the mind, body and soul.

Melograno is a succulent blend of fruity accents using key notes of black grape coupled with watermelon, these elements recreate the juicy beguiling fragrance of crushed pomegranate seeds.

Inspired by Florence and the beautiful natural landscapes of Tuscany, Dr Vranjes skilfully blends the finest essential oils and natural ingredients to create evocative fragrances which fill the home with an aroma of luxury.  A sweeter counterpart to the fruit family, this delicate but long lasting scent revitalises the home and senses.


Bring the outdoors inside this summer with a delicate flowery scent from Cire Trudon. The light summery aroma takes you to the flower beds of Le Petit Trianon in the grounds of Versailles. A private hideaway for Marie Antoinette, this fragrance invokes memories of a hazy summer evening enhanced by a beautiful bouquet of flowers, appealing to all the senses. Trianon blends heavier head notes of galbanum and cyclamen with lighter scents of hyacinth and rose to produce an altogether more feminine scent.

Cire Trudon has a longstanding heritage synonymous with luxury home fragrance dating back to 1643 and they are renowned as one of the oldest and most prestigious wax manufacturers in the world. Trianon pays homage to the ‘queen of taste’ Marie Antoinette who inspired so many candles in the Cire Trudon collection. With a mix of hyacinth and roses in a classical bouquet, this flowery fragrance is the epitome of elegance and luxury for the home.

If you are still undecided on which scent you should choose for your home, our luxury home fragrance buying guide provides you with helpful advice on scented candles and room diffusers, how they should be used and how to differentiate scents through their key notes.

If you would like further advice concerning your home fragrance choice, our experienced and knowledgeable team have a longstanding passion for luxury linens and fresh fragrances which dates back to 1733. We will be more than willing to help you come to an informed decision and ensure that your home is filled with fresh scents which resonate with you and your home. Call 01423 530111 to discuss your requirements in detail, or visit our shop in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.