The Design Details Of Luxury Bedding

When it comes to the design of your luxury bedding, colour and pattern are the two main elements which make up your final decision. Whilst these factors are without a doubt the most important and should have the largest impact on what linen you choose, considering the finer design details are also significant to comprehend the quality of your luxury bed linen.

We take a closer look at the design details featured in our luxury linen collection to help you make the right decision for you and your home.

Hemstitching: A hemstitch is a decorative stitch which is used to embellish the hem of luxury bedding. Several adjacent threads are pulled out and the crossing threads are tied into bunches, making a row of small openings to create the distinctive pattern. Unlike a traditional hem which is often sewn in the same colour, hemstitching employs an embroidery thread of contrasting colour to stand out and add decorative detail.

Hemstitching creates very small ornate holes within the fabric to resemble a lace inspired pattern. The intricate needlework was traditionally carried out by hand and was originally used to keep the hem in place. More recently, hemstitching has become increasingly decorative and is often used as a design detail in luxury bed linen.

Embroidery: Bed linen which has been embroidered offers a beautiful and delicate design detail. Made using hand guided or machine embroidery, the art of decorating the fabric with a yarn can also incorporate a number of different fabric and materials such as beads or pearls to embellish the overall design.

The design of your luxury bedding is ultimately up to you and what you think will work best in your interior. However, there are a couple of design details that you should always consider before purchasing luxury bedding:

Check the colour. It would seem an obvious suggestion however linen is renowned for being difficult to dye and a tell-tale sign of inferior quality bed linen is the presence of frosting (unevenness in the colour of the fabric). The colour should always be consistent, even after washing. Yellowing is another sign of a lower quality linen as this problem occurs when the fluorescent brightening technique which is used to whiten the linen is exposed to natural light, compromising the colour and leaving the fabric irreversibly yellow in places.

Check for mistakes within the weave. Although linen contains natural slubs (a blend of thick and thinner threads), weaving mistakes are unintentional irregularities which can compromise the overall design and quality of your luxury bed linen.

The design details of luxury bedding are vast, from classic cording to elegant embroidery, hemstitching to contrasting borders, they can all look very effective without being overpowering or tying your bedroom to a particular period or trend. Whatever your style preference, the design details are what really lift linen into luxury and enhance your overall interior.

Our bed linen buyer’s guide offers further information and advice about luxury bed linen, exploring everything from the weave to the materials which are used to help you come to an informed decision.

If you would like further advice or information before purchasing, Woods Fine Linens has a longstanding passion for luxury linens which dates back to 1733 and our linen specialists are on hand to help you with and queries you may have.

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