Dress Your Dining Table With Luxury Linen

Choosing luxury table linen to dress your dining table will truly capture the essence of fine dining and whether you are choosing table linen for stylish home dining or a special occasion, selecting the right linen is important for crafting a dinner setting that suits you and your home.

Choosing Luxury Table Linen for Your Dinner Setting

The basis of any luxury dinner setting begins with a good quality tablecloth. There are a diverse range of luxury tablecloths available, all designed for a particular occasion or tailored to a specific interior design scheme. Whether your preference is contemporary or traditional, a luxurious tablecloth is typified by the quality of the fabric.

Damask linen is a fabric which is synonymous with luxury and has long been considered a hallmark of refinement. A damask weave is woven in such a way that the design on one side of the fabric can also be seen on its inverse. Often inspired by nature, the intricate patterns are woven into satin on a weft-faced or sateen weave background, giving the fabric its renowned lustrous finish.

The patterns which are found in luxury damask tablecloths are often subtle, however on closer inspection, the detail which goes into every pattern is incredibly intricate. The understated designs stand the test of time as they create a delicate, yet powerful portrayal of luxury home dining. Many present-day manufacturers skilfully recreate the traditional leaf and flower damask patterns by scaling portions of them up or stripping them right down to create a more contemporary feel.

We have a handpicked collection of intricately styled damask tablecloths which are woven from the finest Irish linen to provide a quality foundation for your luxury dinner setting.

For a special occasion or dinner party, table runners are a great way to accessorise your dining table and add a touch of contrast and colour to your overall design.

Whether you use a table runner as an additional decorative touch for stylish home dining or as a bold statement of colour during the festive season or for a special occasion, there are a range of luxury table runners to choose from.

As well as adding stylish detail, table runners also possess a number of practical benefits too. They add a protective layer to your dinner table and protect against any wear and tear. Whilst this is also a benefit of tablecloth, table runners are a great alternative if you wish to showcase your dining table without having to cover it with linen. Table runners provide a dedicated space for your dinnerware to sit and protect your dining table or tablecloth from any spillages that may occur.

There are a number of fabrics which are commonly used in the manufacturing process of table runners to accommodate a diverse range of dining tables and interior design schemes. For example, a linen table runner, with a dense weave and intricate pattern balances the texture and style of a solid wood table whilst a lightweight silk table runner placed over a glass-topped table enhances the design and gives the table setting a fresh, airy feel.

You can choose to dress your tablecloth with a luxury table runner or simply use it on its own to create a focal centrepiece for your dining table.

For more information on choosing the right luxury table linens for your home, our table linen buying guide features a more detailed insight into the finest quality fabrics which make up our luxury linens and how to care for your table linens to enjoy your luxury dinner setting for longer.

Browse our handpicked selection of luxury table linens online or visit our shop in Harrogate, North Yorkshire to browse the full range and experience the luxury for yourself. If you would like any further advice on choosing the right linens for your home, contact our linen specialists who are always on hand to help you with any queries you may have.