3 Things To Consider Before Purchasing Luxury Towels

1) The fabric of your luxury towels. The fabric and construction of the towel is the one of the first things which should be considered when choosing a luxury towel. There are a range of fabrics which are used in the manufacturing process, all with different qualities, and it can be difficult to know what fabric really constitutes luxury.

  • Egyptian cotton. Often recognised as one of the best and most luxurious cottons in the world, Egyptian cotton towels have an esteemed reputation for strength, absorbency and superior softness. Egyptian cotton is manufactured using a deep pile formed by twisted yarn ‘loops’. The loops create an extra layer of absorbency alongside the yarn itself as the loops ‘trap’ the water inside the yarns of the fabric.
  • Aerocotton: Made from 100% Turkish cotton, this fabric utilises an innovative spinning method which allows the yarn to twist and an air channel to form. The channel allows the air to pass through the fabric, creating a larger surface area for the yarns to absorb water quickly and efficiently.
  • Hydrocotton: Made from a natural cotton, these towels use an advanced weaving method which creates thousands of fine, untwisted yarn loops with an airy hollow core to promote absorbency.    

2) The weave of your luxury towels. Understanding the weave of a luxury towel is essential for making an informed decision. Towels can be woven in number of different ways and each weave has a different feel and texture. The four most common weaves for luxury towels are as follows:

  • A terry weave creates a softer pile fabric that is extremely absorbent and durable. One of the more popular choices of weave, it is constructed with large uncut loops on either one or both sides of the towel for extra absorbency.
  • Manufactured using almost exactly the same process as a terry weave, a velour weave instead shears the loops on one or both sides. This gives a velour towel an extremely soft, velvety feel however it does impact its overall absorbency.
  • Waffle weave towels are constructed using a honeycomb formation and the raised edges around each square give the towel its namesake waffle pattern. The fabric is lightweight and its fast-drying qualities make these towels ideal for kitchen use, typically as dishtowels. A coarser and larger gauge waffle weave material creates a plusher feel and texture to the towel which creates an ideal luxury bath towel.

  • A jacquard weave is not specific or limited to any particular loom, but rather refers to the attachment of the loom that automates the pattern which is created. The jacquard weave appears on both the face and back of the towel and although they look attractive, jacquard towels tend to be more expensive than plain towels. If you are looking for a decorative towel, it’s worth investing in a jacquard weave rather than a printed design as the design only appears on the face of the towel and can have a tendency to make the towel feel stiff.


3) The weight of your luxury towels.

Another important factor in your decision to buy luxury towels is the weight. The standard unit to measure the weight of luxury towels is grams per square metre (GSM), usually the heavier and denser the towel, the more absorbent the towel is. However, a heavier towel does take a lot longer to dry completely so is more prone to odour retention if you do not allow it to fully dry before reuse.

  • A lightweight towel is up to 400gsm and although they are not renowned for their softness, they are much thinner, lighter and fast-drying. This weight is perfect for towels that are used recurrently in everyday chores.
  • They are also great for trips outside of the home, on holiday or to the gym as they fold away and dry quickly for easy transportation.
  • A popular weight with qualities of both lightweight and heavyweight towels is the medium weight towel of around 400-700gsm. They are often as soft and absorbent as heavier weighted towels however their lower gsm makes them cooler and faster drying. Ideal for frequent use in family households, their fast-drying and durable nature makes them ideal for a busy family bathroom.
  • Heavyweight towels of around 700-900gsm are extremely soft with a plush, luxurious feel. They are incredibly absorbent and keep you warm and cosy whilst drying. Although they can be expensive, if cared for in the right way, heavyweight towels are a great investment and can last for years. Because they take longer to dry, they are ideal for an indulgent bathroom experience rather than being part of an everyday bathroom routine.


Although these are three important considerations which should be undertaken before purchasing luxury towels, a luxury towel is about finding the right qualities which work for you and your home. Our bath linen buyer’s guide offers further information about our bath linen collection including advice on how to care for your towels to experience luxury for longer.

If you would like any more information or advice before purchasing, Woods Fine Linens have a longstanding passion for luxury linens which dates back to 1733, contact our experienced staff and we will be more than willing to help you come to an informed decision.

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