Why Cotton Percale Is Associated With Luxury Bed Linen

Cotton percale has an esteemed reputation for luxury and is often used as a hallmark of approval for the discerning buyer. However, many people are still uncertain as to what truly defines ‘luxury’ when it comes to their bed linen. This blog post goes into the finer detail of cotton percale and why it has become synonymous with quality in recent years.

What is Cotton Percale?

Often misunderstood as a particular blend of fabric, cotton percale actually describes the type of weave used in luxury bed linen. The term ‘percale’ defines the simple criss-cross pattern which enables the threads to be woven tightly.

There are a diverse range of fabrics which use the percale weaving process including silk percale, linen percale and cotton/polyester blend percale. Cotton percale is one of the most popular combinations of fabric and weave as it combines softness and strength, woven tightly to produce a firm, smooth fabric that is a popular choice for many manufacturers of luxury bedding.

The weaving process for cotton percale is simple but effective. Using a plain weave, one thread is woven over, and one thread under to create a strong and highly durable cotton that will ensure your luxury bed linen will stand the test of time.

Why is Cotton Percale Synonymous with Luxury Bedding?

Cotton percale is synonymous with luxury bedding for a number of reasons due to an innovative blend of super-soft cotton fabric and a weaving process which provides long-lasting luxury.

The weave used in cotton percale is considerably tighter than other weaves used in standard bedding collections. The tight weave produces a 200 thread count or more which results in a strong, crisp and hard-wearing fabric. Despite the closely woven texture, the fabric is woven in such a way that air is still able to pass through the weave unlike many other fabrics such as cotton sateen, making it more breathable at night and softer to the touch.

A perfect balance of medium-weight, firmness and smoothness, cotton percale provides a superior softness combined with an innovative weave to prevent you from overheating during the night. Because of its breathability, cotton percale is often the fabric of choice during spring and summer as the weave keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the night. Cotton percale is equally as comfortable during autumn and winter, providing you have a high-tog duvet to keep you warm during the colder nights.

Unlike many other luxury fabrics, cotton percale is incredibly low maintenance, providing you care for your linens in the right way and follow the specific washing instructions. The durable weave preserves the quality of the fabric wash after wash.

Cotton percale bed linen is also more affordable than other bed linens with higher thread counts. It is a common misconception that the quality of bed sheets is determined solely by thread count – but there are many other factors to consider. William Woods looks at the nonsense of thread counts as sole measurement of quality and clarifies what other factors should be taken into consideration when choosing good quality sheeting, including the quality of cotton, yarn size and the finishing process.

If you would like more information on our luxury linens, our luxury bedding guide takes you through all the essential components of a luxury bedding set, exploring design, detail and weave to provide you with a more in-depth understanding of our luxurious collections.

Many of our luxury bedding collections feature cotton percale linen from quality manufacturers all over the world, available to order for delivery throughout the UK and overseas. If you require further advice in buying luxury linens, contact our experienced and knowledgeable linen specialists who are on hand to provide you with assistance and guidance if required. Call 01423 530111 to discuss your requirements in detail, or visit our shop in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.