Facts and FAQs about Egyptian Cotton Towels

Can You Tumble Dry Egyptian Cotton Towels?

Yes, of course, Egyptian cotton luxury towels are susceptible to only 3-5% shrinkage upon first wash, this is hardly noticeable. Also, we recommend tumble drying as well as line drying outside as the movement and airflow softens the bathroom towels very effectively.

Can You Bleach Egyptian Cotton Towels?

Definitely no, please avoid bleach or bleaching agents in your washing detergent. It is the enemy of cotton, and not just for the risk of discolouration but it will damage the beautiful fibres and degrade your luxury towels. The durability of the fibre will be severely compromised.

Do Egyptian Cotton Towels Shed?

You should always expect some shedding of fibres upon the first few washes, this is normal. Luxury Bathroom Towels however possess better characteristics when made by high-quality producers like Woods Fine Linens, as they go through many sustainable processing steps.

Are Egyptian Cotton Towels Worth It?

Definitely but beware there are good and bad producers of Egyptian cotton towels throughout the world, some of the production practices are questionable and not environmentally friendly and not every towel is created equal. A higher price from a reputable producer will be an infinitely better product than a cheaper one and will feel more rewarding in every way and should really last many years.

Are Egyptian Cotton Towels Soft?

Yes, they are, but is softness the only consideration? Of course not. You don’t buy a car and focus on only one aspect like the tyres. With a towel you may want a weighty towel with a high (gsm) grams per square metre of yarn for a more luxurious experience, you will also want the towel to dry you well. Believe it or not, some towels are useless at absorbing water!

Are Egyptian Cotton Towels Absorbent?

Again, that will depend on the best bath towels you have been able to purchase. The fact that it is Egyptian will not make it any more absorbent than another type of cotton in like for like comparison. Surface area of the woven fibres or higher GSM will play a huge role in absorption capacity, more material equals more absorption. Tufted and lightweight towels are not as absorbent, and of course additional materials like manmade fibres will ruin the whole experience but may make it feel soft to the touch, you will remain damp after drying though - so best to avoid!

Why Is Egyptian Cotton Good For Towels?

A one-word answer is durability. Durable why? Egyptian cotton is associated with the plant genus, typically producing a longer than average staple (2” fibre-length) as opposed to short-staple (1 ⅛” fibre-length). The extra-long staple translates to fewer overall fibres being plied (twisted) together. Less ends in the cotton thread means less wear-points, extra-long-staple equals natural resistance to tearing, fraying, pilling, wrinkling and fading and are generally much softer.

What Are The Benefits of Egyptian Cotton Towels?

Durability and feel. Egyptian cotton of excellent provenance is like a fine wine versus a cheap bottle of plonk. It should be more finessed at every stage of careful production and finishing. A higher price will give you an indication of a secure provenance. Avoid the buy cheap, buy twice trap.

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How To Keep Egyptian Towels Soft?

Certainly, avoid fabric softeners, these are not necessary. Do tumble or dry on a washing line as this relaxes the cloth and makes for a softer experience. Egyptian cotton towels will typically feel soft during and after every use. They may crisp up if left static next to heat but they will soon soften when used.

How To Wash Egyptian Cotton Towels?

Normal wash cycle 30-60ºC (86-140ºF). Please make sure your detergent does not contain any kind of bleaching agent. This is the enemy of cotton and will degrade your bath towel sets. Often powdered detergents contain bleaching agents, so gentle liquid forms are much kinder.

Types of Egyptian Cotton Towels

There are face towels, guest towels, hand towels, bath towels and bath sheets and jumbo extra large bath sheets to choose from.

Where To Buy Egyptian Cotton Towels?

A reputable linen specialist like Woods Fine Linens is the safest place to buy the best towels in the UK. Owned by a single family since 1895, with peerless expertise in this field, they carefully curate and produce amongst the finest Egyptian Cotton Towels available anywhere in the world, and offer a comprehensive range of design and price choices but always with a firm grip on quality and sustainability.