How To Choose The Best Cotton Sheets

Choosing the best cotton sheets can be a minefield. There is so much misinformation in the marketplace. Here we dispel some of the myths and point you in the right direction whether you are choosing the best percale sheets or the best Egyptian cotton sheets.

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Not All Cotton is Created Equal

That may sound like an obvious statement but usually the more you pay the more you literally get. Higher price bed linens have more crucial ingredients in their production. Starting with research and development, moving to the origin of the plant, to the creation of the thread, the spinning, bleaching, weaving and dying, the all important production and finishing. There are numerous elements which influence the finished quality. Good quality bed linen should both feel outstanding and last really well, and will certainly include lots of classic and original style.

Isn't It All About Thread Count?

Whilst a thread count is an important aspect of bed linen, it is one of many things which contribute to that all important sense of luxury. Genuine thread counts, where the yarns have not been artificially increased as a marketing gimmick, range from 180 - 600tc, that is a good thread count for sheets. Most high-quality producers operate in this range. Higher thread counts can degrade and may fray, tear or pill very quickly. Beware of inexpensive bed linens offering thread counts higher than 600tc. There is the odd exception to this but they are rare and are owing to cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and therefore will almost certainly be marked by a very high price.

What Are The Best Cotton Bed Sheets?

Much of this will depend on what is best for you and your budget, and of course where you plan to buy them from. High street chain store retailers tend to import from low labour-cost economies and all the important aspects of quality as previously mentioned, may not be present in combination. The result is reasonable sheets at reasonable prices but don't expect longevity. The low price model is self-defeating, as you will have to buy again in a shorter amount of time and you may regret not aiming higher after all!

How To Choose Cotton Sheets?

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