How Long Should My Kitchen Linens Last?

Longevity of product ultimately rests on its’ quality. There are numerous kitchen linens available on the market but are they all created equal? In short, no they aren’t. Here’s why…

In the good old days when Great Britain and Northern Ireland was a powerhouse in the production of textiles. There were a multitude of skilled producers in existence, a booming industry with some wonderful textile-based products from which to choose. Sadly, those producers have been nudged aside by inferior mass market eastern producers using all manner of techniques to achieve new and exciting claims.

Woods for Your All Kitchen Linen Needs

At Woods, we define our collections of fine, traditional kitchen linens with their inherent qualities to get the job-in-hand done. That is why we stock so many exclusive kitchen linens and cleaning cloths. Once forgotten qualities, saved from extinction and only available at Woods.

These include fine Irish linen glass cloths, traditional oven gloves, the Woods’ famous linen dishcloths, linen window scrims, wonderful towels for the kitchen including aga-type towels, hanging cotton kitchen hand towels, twill check dusters, super polishing cloths and so on.

How Long Kitchen Linens will Last?

How long these will last is largely down to your frequency of use and the care you take in washing them.

For cotton products, bleach is the enemy and is best avoided in your typical usage and detergents. Powdered washing detergents often contain bleaching agents, so please read the label on those and do opt for gentler liquids.

Linen, it is very durable and can be withstand being bleached many times, as is the case for the Woods famous Irish linen dishcloth. Our traditional oven gloves are made using unbleached cotton and wash easily, our super polishing cloths are not yellow like most others, so can be washed conveniently alongside other cotton items in the washing machine.

Cleaning cloths and linen tea towels can and should last more than six months in all cases if they are heavily used and washed not according to instructions but if you do take the care to follow the usage guidelines available on our website, then your traditional kitchen linens will last for well over a year and be ready to do the job well every time!

With a comprehensive range of glass cloths and linen tea towels, cleaning and polishing cloths at Woods Fine Linens you can find the perfect cloth to clean, dry and polish effectively.