Which One Should I Choose, Cotton Sateen or Cotton Percale Bed Linen?

Firstly, let's take a closer look at the differences between percale cotton and sateen cotton. Essentially it is the weave which differs.

Let's Start with Cotton Percale

Typically, a tight-form weave with strong durability characteristics, with a thread count exceeding 200tc. The weave is a canvas-like 'one over, one under' warp to the weft and is inherently strong. The resulting bed sheet is commonly known as cool/crisp cotton because of its natural feel in the hands and is often preferred in hotter climates or warm bedroom settings.

Cotton Sateen or Satinised Cotton

Typically, a slightly more relaxed weave with lustre and softness characteristics. The optimum thread count exceeds 300 TC. The weave is three over and one under, creating a sumptuous surface made up of mostly weft threads (side to side on the loom). It will feel warm and inviting to the touch and is very well suited to luxury bed linens at home; and will feel comforting even in colder rooms or climates.

Is Cotton Sateen Better Than Cotton Percale?

They are different to feel, but both have extremely strong credentials. What is more important is the quality of the production, the sustainability course and the producer. A higher price usually indicates better product quality from start to finish. A knowledgeable bed linen specialist such as Woods Fine Linens in Harrogate will be able to guide you to the best percale sheets or best cotton sateen sheets in stock.