Yves Delorme - Floral Bed Linen Lovingly Made In Paris Since 1845

A Brief History.

I wonder if back in 1845 Ernestine Fremaux and her husband ever knew how big Yves Delorme floral bed linen would become.

It was only sixty years after the evolution of the first mechanical loom, so it really was the dawn of textile manufacturing's industrialisation.

How they recovered after a fire ripped through the entire business in 1867 is extraordinary. But that's exactly what they did with the help of their nephew Paul Fremaux. Together he and his Auntie Madame Fremaux totally rebuilt the factories. So through those times of great hardship and adversity, when all the odds seemed stacked against them, they dusted themselves down and built a wonderful business with impervious resilience which has repelled the many more challenges that would otherwise of destroyed most companies. So thank you Madame Fremaux for having the foresight to carry on.

Yves Delorme Today.

The now sixth generation Yves Delorme family still share a passion for textiles, a lot like we do here at Woods with our own 300 year association with fine linens.

They have become synonymous with elegant floral designs and a quality and durability their repeat customers rely on. The company really has solidified it's position as one of the best designer french bedding choices for aspirational interiors.

What Should This Mean To You?

This rich back story should give you the same confidence to buy french bedding by Yves Delorme as it does for their many thousands of fans and us. They are a textile manufacturer you can trust in terms of quality, long-lasting style and a refinement of design few can touch. You can even co-ordinate your bed linen with bath robes.

Yves Delorme stalwarts will happily tell you that the products are easy to care for and feel luxurious and exquisite every day and night of use. They may even tell you that one of the first questions their friends ask when being shown around their house is: "Where did you get that beautiful bed linen?" The answer is of course Woods Fine Linens.

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