Is The Cost Of Frette Sheets Justified?

What You Need to Know About Frette

Frette bed linen is considered a hallmark of luxury in hotels and private households all over the world. But with prices starting at over £100 for a pillowcase, one might need a little more reassurance than that before taking the plunge. Why is the cost of Frette sheets so high, and will you actually notice the difference?

Five Star Luxury and the Fallacy of Thread Count

In a recent Telegraph article, design guru Henrietta Thompson visited Frette HQ in Monza to discuss what makes Frette bed linen different. As it turns out, the luxurious feel of the bed sheets in five star hotels has little to do with the professional laundering services they have at their disposal. Nor is it necessarily determined by thread count, as you might expect. So what makes this bedding so special, and why does it command such a high price?

It’s all in the raw materials and the finishing processes used to refine them. The finest long staple cotton ensures superior uniformity, resistance and smoothness, while a complex process of “gassing, washing, mercerising, ironing and purging” gives a flawless finish.

Frette uses five key factors to determine the quality of its bed linen: count, resistance, load, stretch and torsion. So it’s not all about the number of threads per square inch of fabric; it’s the quality and composition of those threads that make Frette bed linen what it is. And that brings me on to the brand’s biggest USP: jacquard.

Frette’s trademark, large-scale designs are an inspiration to contemporary designers all over the world. This difficult-to-produce and as yet underexploited medium has huge potential, and sets Frette apart as a true thought leader in the textile industry.

So, the high cost of Frette sheets has not simply been fabricated to exploit those who are fortunate enough to be able to afford them. Rather, it reflects the remarkable quality, pioneering design and, ultimately, the five-star experience their bed linens provide; an experience that in itself is priceless.

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