The 6 Top Reasons Our Customers Replace Their Duvets

No. 1 A Change of Bed Size

The most popular reason to replace a duvet is when you upsize or downsize your bed, this could be because you've moved house or room and the space dictates what you may need. Whichever the reason it seems this is the time to refresh or replace your duvet too.

No. 2 Guests!

Believe it or not, it seems when a guest is due to arrive or when a family member comes to stay, the quality of ones' bedding is suddenly thrust into the spotlight. Perhaps your new guest needs an anti-allergy duvet, or your old cast-off seems a little embarrassing. Don't worry, this is the second most popular time to dive in and purchase a duvet that you can be truly proud of!

No. 3 Temperature Adjustment

Almost always we find that the tog value or temperature of ones' duvet is never far from ones' mind during the replacement or upgrade phase. There can be a whole host of reasons that the temperature in ones' room has changed, new house, new heating, cold-snap, even new partner! Whichever is your reason, most people value their temperature and comfort at night. Good duvets are cool in summer and toasty-warm in winter. Does yours do this well?

No.4  Filling Breakdown

Over time through general use, wear and tear, once inherent qualities can become compromised. A once comforting warm duvet can lose these vital properties when the down or other filling material starts to breakdown. They start to feel thinner in the hand, you can sometimes feel cold spots developing. This is a sure sign it's time to act and treat yourself to a better night's comfort.

No.5  Discoloured Cambric

The cambric or outer shell of your duvet is a good place to look for evidence of it's inner state. Many nights of even subtle perspiration penetrate deeply into the performance of your duvet's characteristics. That's why the best duvets you can buy pay particular attention not just to the filling but also the cambric quality, a better shell equals better longevity. If your duvet is discoloured it may be time to consider a replacement.

No. 6 Damage

I think it almost goes without saying that an occurrence of accidental damage, rip or stain can force through a move for a better duvet. It's fairly common for damage to occur and it drives customers to consider their next duvet despite it not being previously high on their priority list!