What Makes Woods 100% Linen Dishcloth So Famous?

For well over a hundred years Woods has been famous for amongst other things its linen dishcloth.

Remarkably it is sold all over the world and as far away as New Zealand and Chile. The Woods dishcloth is both exclusively manufactured for and only available at Woods Fine Linens in Harrogate.

It’s made from pure linen, it does not hold grease and does not leave fluff, it keeps a good colour, its average lifespan often exceeds 4 months and is supplied to Royalty. They are extremely hygienic and can be boiled or soaked in a bowl of diluted bleach.

What is the secret though, why is the Woods dishcloth the best dishcloth you can buy?

The answer is that most dishcloths, if they are linen, are made from tow yarn which are the shorter linen fibres. Woods dishcloths are made from line yarn which are the long flax fibres that are the result from the hackling process when separating the tow yarn from the line yarn.

Line yarn is the stronger yarn that is more commonly identified in great quality linen sheets, this is the reason why the Woods dishcloth is superior to any other dishcloths.

The Woods Famous 100% Linen Dishcloth has been made for Woods since 1905 and is essentially the same construction as it was 115 years ago and has delighted generations of our customers.

William E. Woods

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