woods vincentia luxury linen collection

The embodiment of exclusive fine Italian luxury linen.

Vincentia Woods Luxury Linen Collection brings you the very best Italian styling and qualities to a range of Bed Linen, Towels, Bathroom Mats and Bath Robes.

An exclusive collection to rival both Frette and Pratesi, offering you much more flexibility with one hundred colours in any size and the option to add a personalised monogram.

There used to be a time when brands like Frette and Pratesi were synonymous with superior yarns, finishing and styling. The once all beautiful Italian bed linen brands were produced by Family’s who obsessed about every little detail, because they cared, like we do now.

These days however, if they are still in business at all, Pratesi recently closed it's operation - they are mainly owned by multi-national conglomerates like Frette are, with little care for anything other than their shareholders and their bottom line.

The Vincentia Collection has been expertly developed by William Woods and designed by his daughter Sarah Woods to address this area. A perfect family union which combines the best of both their respective skills and knowledge. 

William is a respected Interior Designer of more than fifty years who happens to also be regarded as the 'doyen' of the cotton and linen industry. Sarah is a remarkable young Interior Designer in her own right and in great demand, and is unusual in her understanding and deep appreciation for everything period and classical, something rare these days a knowledge of which belies her tender years. 

They drew upon our family’s remarkably long association of producing and trading some of the finest linen products in this country.  A heritage dating back to 1733, when the Woods family were linen mercers, and then William's Great Grandfather ran the linen-spinning flax-mill in Knaresborough during the Nineteenth Century.

William and Sarah working together wanted to close a gap in the market but also provide a degree of flexibility not found anywhere else, making the range ideal for Interior Designers, something they know only too well is under-served in their marketplace. Their goal is to provide designs and qualities that respect the best of traditions (but are not constrained by them) and do so at a reasonable cost, compared to their competitors.

'Vincentia' is a collection that can be used every day and last well into the future, the truest measure of value in their eyes.

The designs are both simple and elegant, a reflection of what Woods' customers really ask for.

The Vincentia Collection is perfect for both Customers and Interior Designers, think of it as a creative offering to co-ordinate with existing bedrooms, bathrooms and guest-room schemes.

The in-hand feeling, the styling, the ease of care all combine harmoniously to provide you with a family of linens, to which you can place your trust and become a loyal fan for many years to come. That was our aim and we hope it aligns with your expectations too.

Unlike other high-street shops we have real linen experts who have worked for us for many years and are always ready, willing and able to help you with size and washing advice and of course any other questions, so that you can buy with total confidence. The telephone number is 01423 530111.

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