Is This The Best Duvet In The World?

How to Choose the Best Duvet

Since they were first introduced into the UK in the 1960s, duvets have gradually replaced traditional sheets and blankets. Today most people prefer to use duvets, not only because they are warm and light but also bed making is so much easier, a few quick shakes in the morning and it ‘s done.


Duvets are available with so many different natural or synthetic fillings, choosing the right one for your requirements can be daunting and finding stores with knowledgeable staff is not always easy. At Woods of Harrogate, our sales team are all fully trained to explain the different qualities of duvets and why buying the best quality duvets you can afford, is so important.


Starting with the cambric case, these vary in quality, the best ones being densely woven cotton cambric constructed in boxes with walls between to hold the filling in place. The walls are needed to stop cold spots, some cheap duvets are just sewn through, and this creates thin areas with no filling where heat escapes. Next the filling, this is usually goose feathers, goose down or a combination of the two. Adding feathers to a duvet makes it cheaper but also heavier. Top quality duvets are filled only with pure white goose down from geese bred in the coldest parts of Europe and Canada. These birds are left to mature until the down is at its prime to ensure the lightest softest down possible. Some duvets are filled with down from birds bred for their meat, these birds are killed before their feathers mature, this smaller down does not have the same “loft”, so will not feel as soft and will not last as long as it breaks down much more quickly.

Woods of Harrogate have a full range of top quality white goose down duvets in various tog ratings (tog ratings are the warmth values, the higher the tog the warmer the duvet). These include, our luxury 13.5 tog Canadian snow goose down duvet for cold winter nights, our four seasons Hungarian white goose down duvets in 4.5 tog summer weight and 9 tog spring/autumn weight (these are sold separately but can be clipped together to give a full 13.5 tog winter weight). We also have duvets filled with silk or wool; these are a good alternative for people who are allergic to feathers.


The latest addition to our choice of white goose down duvets is “The Perfect Partner Duvet”.After listening to couples trying to decide the warmth needed when choosing a duvet together, we commissioned our German manufacturer to make a duvet to suit partners who require different tog ratings. One half of this wonderfully soft and light pure white goose down duvet, is a medium 9 tog and the other half is a full 13.5 tog. This ensures both partners have a comfortable night’s sleep and reduces bedtime fights! We have been amazed at how common this problem is as “The Perfect Partner Duvet” introduced 18 months ago, is now our best selling duvet.

All Woods of Harrogate duvets are made in Germany from the finest white goose down encased in top quality walled cambric cases and have a 15 year guarantee.