An Ode To A Woods Dishcloth

An Ode to a Woods Dishcloth by Eileen Whittaker (Customer)

Eileen Whittaker, a very loyal customer, loves her Woods DIshcloth so much that she wrote an Ode to it. We couldn't resist sharing this beautiful poetry with the rest of our customers.

In the kitchen where it lies
This one really takes first prize
Perfect fabric, perfect size
Not outclassed in other guise
Wipes the worktops, cleans the sink
If by chance you spill your drink
Pan boils over, no time to think
Wipes it up quick as a wink.
Wherever there’s a sticky mess
On your shirt front or your dress
Slightly damp, just wipe and press
Cleans it off, well more or less.
When you’ve done a dirty job
In the oven – on the hob
Here and there a jammy blob
Into the water with a lob

You know what I’m saying, don’t need a clue
‘Cos you yourself have used a few
And when it takes on a darker hue
A little bleach and it’s good as new.
Just one thing’s better – I have two!