Woods Studley Handmade Bed

£1,870 £2,200

Create your ideal bed for a peaceful night's sleep with our Woods Studley Handmade Bed. Redesigned with a slightly firmer tension and upgraded layers of luxurious natural fillings, our Studley beds are enhanced to give you a wonderfully deep sleep.

Filled with pure new lambswool, loose horse hair and layered with smooth white cotton, our Studley Bed gives you luxurious comfort and quality.

Superbly handmade to order, choose your exact size and specification and we will individualise our beds for all your needs.

Priced within the middle bracket for our Woods Handmade Bed range, our Studley beds far exceed its peers in quality and comfort.

Experience comfortable sleeping in luxury with our Woods Studley Handmade Beds; call now to discuss your exact size, specification, and firmness preferences.

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