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Woods Finest Handmade Bed

From £6,360

Relax in heavenly comfort and luxurious quality with our Woods Finest Handmade Beds. Developed over the years by William Woods himself, Woods Finest represents the accumulation of his lifetime knowledge of handmade beds.

William's inspiration for handmade beds began with his apprenticeship at the world renowned Heal & Son bedding factory in the 1970's. As Heals were well known for making the finest beds in the world at this point, William used Heal's finest as his original inspiration when creating Woods Finest.

After years of advancement William firmly believes that Woods Finest is now one of the best beds you can buy; that is why we say: When you buy Woods Finest, you buy a bed for life.

In the unlikely event that your bed should begin to age, we take it upon ourselves to remake your bed at a fraction of the cost. Designed with pocket springs, top quality steel springs that are individually encased within the mattress, Woods Finest beds ensure that each spring can move independently before the rows are stitched into place.

This attention to detail guarantees you a comfortable, restful night's sleep all year round. Additionally, the mattresses are available with different spring tensions and are filled with top quality lambswool, fine horsehair, cashmere and silk to give you ultimate comfort and support. Finished with a classic Heal & Son traditional damask design made from 100% cotton woven in Belgium, Woods Finest beds adds class and sumptuous luxury to your home.

Experience exuberant luxury with our Woods Finest Handmade Beds; call now to discuss your exact size, specification, and firmness preferences.

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