What is the difference between Single and Double Damask table linen?

Damask is a fabric weaving technique that creates a pattern using a single warp and weft thread. The key difference between single and double damask is the fineness and detail of the weave.

  1. Single Damask: This type is made with a single yarn in both the warp and the weft. The resulting fabric has a simpler and less detailed pattern due to the limitations of using a single yarn. Single damask is generally less expensive, lighter in weight, and not as lustrous as double damask. It is often used for table linens and other home textiles where a high level of detail is not as critical. Example: Irish Linen Single Damask Chrysanthemum Table Linen Collection

  2. Double Damask: In double damask, two yarns are used in both the warp and the weft. This allows for a more intricate and detailed pattern, as well as a higher thread count. The fabric is denser, more lustrous, and has a smoother feel. Double damask is generally considered higher in quality and is more expensive than single damask. It's often used for luxury table linens, fine garments, and other applications where the richness and detail of the pattern are more prominently displayed. Example: Irish Linen Double Damask Fine Scroll Table Linen Collection

In summary, the main differences lie in the complexity and fineness of the weave, the detail and clarity of the pattern, the texture and lustre of the fabric, and their respective uses and costs.