The Best Dishcloth In The World

Wood’s Famous Linen Dishcloth

When William Ernest Woods opened his shop in 1895 his aim was to build a reputation for selling only the finest quality household linens available. From sheets and blankets to dusters and floor cloths, only the best were good enough to be put on the shelves of his Harrogate shop. If he couldn’t find an item to meet his exacting standards, he would find a manufacturer to make it for him.

Even the humble dishcloth had to be worthy of the Woods label. After trying several which he was not happy with the quality and performance of, he travelled to Ireland to find a manufacturer to make a linen dishcloth to his own specification. It had to be highly absorbent, long lasting and keep its whiteness. Once he was happy that these entire requirements had been met, he placed his first order and the famous Woods dishcloth was born. Customers soon realised just how good the Woods linen dishcloth was and it became a kitchen essential in many homes throughout Yorkshire. 

That was 100 years ago this year and today Woods of Harrogate sell thousands of these highly absorbent linen dishcloths to our loyal customers both at home and abroad. They are sent all over the world to customers who tell us they cannot find anything to compare with the qualities of the Woods dishcloth anywhere else.

Woods linen dishcloth is far more absorbent than cotton, so mops up spills and splashes leaving work tops dry and smear free. It can be washed at a high temperature, if required, and will last for several months, maintaining its original whiteness throughout.

Thousands of satisfied customers throughout the world have used the Woods linen dishcloths for generations. If you have never tried one, in its centenary year, why not discover the secrets of the best dishcloth in the world. We know you won’t be disappointed and will never want to use anything else!

P S They are great in the bathroom too!