Olivier DesForges: The No.1 Way To Add Colour To Your Bedroom

The No.1 Way To Add Colour To Your Bedroom

Olivier Desforges bed linen is one of those brave brands that isn't afraid to use bold colours. Since 1974 their delighted customers have looked no further for the no.1 way to breathe new life into their bedroom.

When they opened their first shop in Place du Lion d'Or in Lille in 1975 they embarked on a confident mission to get creative with their passion for colourful bed linen.

The result of that mission is a fresh mix of towels and bed linen with colours evoking the warmth of Southern France.

Olivier Desforges: Colour Since 1974

Why Colourful Bed Linen?

Once you factor in labour, time and upheaval, it's really not that cost effective to re-decorate your bedroom as a primary way to introduce colour and decorating is more permanent than bed linen.

What's simpler than browsing the web and picking 'the' splash of colour your bedroom desperately needs? Throwing out tired bed linen & towels can be cathartic afterall and when it's being replaced by Olivier Desforges, the look of your bedroom, bathroom and home will make you feel house-proud once again.

Is it time to be brave?

We think so.  The spring is definitely here and the summer is just around the corner. It's the perfect time to get a head start. Typically you will be welcoming more people into your home and more often than not showing them round, so be bold, be proud and be colourful!

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